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Death Squad apprehended in hunt for São Paulo serial killer

Sao Paula death squad
A terrified resident of Sao Paula points out the area where the crimes were committed

São Paulo Police were looking for a serial killer but instead found much more. The police arrested “a group of friends” they say who are responsible for the murders of five women, one of whom was transgender, and one man in the Grajaú region, on the southern outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Four men were arrested and a minor was apprehended, all confessed to the crime. One of the men charged remains on the run.

The crimes took place between 26th December 2015 until 31st of January 2016. According to the Police, five of the victims were drug users involved in prostitution.

The police say the group met specifically to plan and coordinate the murders but are refraining from calling this a ‘death squad’ because they say, the group lacked a ‘hierarchy’.

Planet Transgender does not make this distinction as we hold the government accountable if not complicit for the ongoing unabated transgendercide occurring in Brazil.

The group allegedly supplied the victims with crack and knew where to find them when they were most vulnerable according to G1 Global

Four of the victims were hanged with wires or cables, two of them have part of the body burned, all had their documents stolen and were killed in nearby locations. There is the suspicion that they also suffered sexual abuse. In only one case there is an evidence that the victim was shot in the head.

The first victim was a man. He was black, measured about 1,70 (meters) and was found only in underwear and shirt. He was strangled with a plastic band around the neck.

The deaths occurred from January 2 have sex workers as victims, police said. The first victim found had part of her body burned and was in the Constelação de Andrômeda Street. According to investigators, the body was in the middle of the road, near a corner. The site is a known point of the police and frequented by drug users.

Five days later the body of the third victim, a second woman, was found covered by a blanket. The victim had a rope tied around her neck and showed no signs of aggression. On the 18th of January, another burned body of a woman was found in the Estrela que Brilha Street, on Grajaú. The victim also had a piece of rope tied around her neck but was dressed. When the police found the body, she had a piece of cloth covering her face.

On 23rd, police officers found the body of another woman in a wasteland of Ana Velha Street. She was half-naked and showed signs that she had been shot in the head. The killer also had assaulted her with a concrete beam, according to the investigators.

On the afternoon of last Sunday, police officers found the body of a trans woman (identified as a man in local news) in a shed at Antonio Burlini Street. She wore shorts and a bra, was gagged with a rag in her mouth and tied with electric wire around her neck. According to the police, the place is frequented by drug users.

Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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