DC man arrested for the murder of trans woman Zoe Spears

Gerardo Thomas
Gerardo Thomas
Gerardo Thomas

Gerardo Thomas, 33, of Baltimore, was arrested Wednesday in Cecil County, Prince George’s police announced Thursday. He was charged with first-degree murder of transgender woman Zoe Spears and is being held without bond.

Thomas’ nondescript grey minivan, which he surely thought was untraceable was key to his apprehension. Excellent detective work and the contributions of a retired officer employed at a car dealership led to his arrest.

Ashanti Carmon, a friend of Zoe Spears was found shot to death during the TDoV weekend, and her homicide remains unsolved. She was shot on Eastern Avenue just blocks away from where Spears was murdered.

Gerardo Thomas’ minivan

Police aren’t getting much cooperation from Thomas in connecting the murders and are asking the public if they have seen this vehicle.

Chief Hank Stawinski was rightfully proud and praised the detectives for their police work.

“It was grit and determination that led to the identification of the individual responsible for callously taking Zoe’s life,” he said in a statement to NBC Washington. “Homicide Unit detectives worked around the clock on this case throughout the past five weeks, initially with nothing more to go on than a grainy surveillance image of the killer’s van.”

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