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The Danger of Voting Anti-Establishment (in 2016)

Voting Anti-Establishment

I just learned that Trump has not received the endorsement of a single major newspaper since the primary. Not one. Zero. Zippo. Nada.

Meanwhile, the list of major newspapers endorsing Clinton, even those with century-long traditions of endorsing Republicans, continues to grow. Many of these same editorial boards question if their presidential endorsements carry any weight in this era of social media. These are highly regarded news sources and indeed their opinions matter. In fact, they matter a lot.

I’ve never seen a major party candidate get no newspaper endorsements before. What I have seen before is the young rejecting an establishment Democrat and that resulted in the election of Richard Nixon, probably the most corrupt president that we’ve ever had.

I was 15 when that happened. The young were exasperated over the Vietnam War that year and they didn’t trust Humphrey to do what they wanted – to end the war. Hubert Humphrey was a progressive, but because he tried to maintain loyalty to President Johnson as vice president, he was unable to win over the young. The rest is history.

This year, we have an establishment Democrat in Hillary Clinton and she has indisputably compromised herself repeatedly with overly cynical behavior related to combating her political enemies over the years. I don’t know that for a fact, but it’s my decision to make that conclusion.

You know what? Being transgender has given me a whole lot of empathy for what women have to put up with. I’m not happy about things like her refusal to release the Goldman Sachs transcripts and the private email server, but I cut her some slack for ‘having to do everything backwards and in heels’ as president Obama put it.

If enough young people find themselves voting Anti-Establishment Trump will nominate the likes of Scalia to the Supreme Court. That might do irreparable harm to all LGBTQ citizens and it legitimately could render us, second-class citizens, permanently. Not voting against Trump is a vote for stripping civil rights from LGBTQ citizens and reproductive rights away from women.

There’s never been a threat to so many like there is now. The establishment and the status quo need addressing, but let’s not incur massive innocent casualties in the process by risking the closest parallel to the ascent of Hitler that we’ve ever seen.

I assert that there is only one sane vote this year and that’s a vote for the only person that has any chance of beating Trump – Hillary Clinton. Anything else is irresponsible.

Mara Glubka
Mara Glubka is a transgender woman in Minneapolis, MN and a parent to three grown sons. She is one of the historic 28 transgender delegates to the DNC in Philadelphia this year.


  1. BREAKING NEWS RELEASE: Just now… the Goldman Sachs transcripts and the private email servers, are available for intercept right now. Query: 69937089600c08

    Tally ho 😉


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