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Dallas Transgender Advocates comments to DART Board

Chairman Velasco, board members and General Council Simmons,

I stood before you a few months ago and praised you for your selfless dedication to DART, encouraged by your stated desire to transform DART into a corporation that would no longer persecute it’s transgender employees.

I stand before you today angry, disillusioned but focused and empowered.

We ave worked these months in good faith petitioning your corporation to simply allow the human rights that are allowed by common decency to be extended to your employees.

In return for our efforts we initially saw a spark of hope in that DRT would amend it’s nondiscrimination policy to protect it’s most vulnerable, transgender people.

But as time went on DART began to assemble a nondiscrimination policy with proposed language that was vague and ambiguous strangely inviting an interpretation which would allow open discrimination against the people that DART purportedly desired to protect.

My worst fears were confirmed after Council Member Raymond Noah announced the nondiscrimination policy was crafted so DART could in fact openly discriminate against transgender people as it has done selectively against all other protected classes!

Mr. Raymond Noah t has been reveled in the past week that you in your capacity of Judge you misgendered and humiliated a transgender OFFICER of the law, Diana J. Powe repeatedly during a seven year post transitional period. Your intentionally misgendered her while she was n the witness stand and making a production of correcting your self, insueing her humiliation.

As a young transgender woman I made some mistakes which cost me a night in jail. I was repeatably embarrassed by jail employees and guards who striped me to the bare essentials of clothing and continually paraded visitors and staff past my cell to embarrass and humiliate me. And you did the same thing to a officer of the law who’s served a seven year sentence imprisonment by her belief your indiscretions were of less importance than her commitment to her job.

Mr Noah I beleive this example of transmisoyony and homophobia is just the tip of the iceberg since you were the one who inserted the changes that would have allowed DART to discriminate at will.

General counsel Hyattye Simmons, you earn a six figure income yet you took it yourself to direct your legal team to influence a family court judge so she would vacate a ruling finding a transgender woman legaly female. I know you deny any involvement in that and I am calling you a lie. The judge would never have done that with out your interference.

I suggest you should be fired and your six figure income be used to support the minor increase to your insurance plan that would allow for the funding of sexual reassignment surgeries for your transgender employees and benefits for your partnered gay and lesbian employees.

This goes out to all the transgender girls who like myself were rejected by friends and family. If you make the same mistakes I did and end up in a cell, demand respect and common decency and nothing less from your jailers.

This goes out to all te transgender police officers who unselfishly endure harassment and disbasement from judges while performing your duties, You do not have to accept this mistreatment anymore! Demand respect and dignity and nothing less.

This goes out to Robin a fellow driver. God bless you girl. You have endured this inhumanity silently and anonymously trusting in our LGBT community to rescue you because you were held incarcerated by a system so institutionalized with bigotry to do otherwise would have cost you your job.

I beleive DART will amend it’s nondiscrimination policy as we have asked, maybe not from a feeling of obligation but protectionism.

And if they do Robin from this day forward your suffering from this oppression is over and you will be free to live your life with arms wide open.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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