Dallas Mother Wins then loses Custody of her Trans Daughter

Anne Georgulas
Dr. Anne Georgulas with Luna and family. Source Dr. Anne Georgulas Facebook
Anne Georgulas
Dr. Anne Georgulas and daughter Luna in a family portrait from Facebook.

Dr. Anne Georgulas was named Sole Managing Conservator by a jury Monday which gives her the right to make all or most of the decisions regarding Luna, her transgender child.

Update: Judge overrules jury, orders joint custody

Her former husband Jeff Younger bitterly fought against his daughter’s right to live authenticly. He was excluded by that ruling from most of the decision-making process regarding his daughter.

Before the jury ruling, this case barely made the news with the exception of a number of smalltime conservative outlets which exclusively misgender and deadname the seven-year-old.

The explosive manner in which transphobic right-wing media and the Texas government has taken aim at the mother and her daughter caught many of us off guard.

The Texas Tribune reports that the top Republicans have begun an investigation by state agencies warning that allowing the gender transition of minors is child abuse.

The state’s high officials probably don’t want to talk about House Speaker Dennis Bonnen(R) bribery probe, so they have found the perfect unifying distraction, a shared hatred of transgender people.

We only know that Luna is exploring her gender expression. This is natural and there are no preconditions or expectations. The jury ruled as they should have, to allow the freedom of expression. This is after all America.

So, a little about the parents.

Dr. Anne Georgulas is a mother of four, two teenagers and two young children. According to her Web Page she’s a board-certified pediatrician of the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP).

The ABP’s General Pediatrics Certificate is recognized throughout the world. Dr. Anne’s pediatric credentials signify a high level of competence.

Her former husband James Younger is possibly a gay man in denial and con artist as described by right-leaning Heavy dot.com

(During the divorce proceedings) She testified in court in 2016 that she had learned Younger was married twice when she had been told initially of one marriage, that he “lied to her” about military experience, that he earned less income than she thought he did, that he had “taken unemployment probably several times in his life,” and that he did not have a college degree, and he was not a professor. She stated that she wouldn’t have married Younger if she had known about the second previous marriage.

A psychologist who conducted a child custody evaluation report testified that Younger admitted to him that he “misstated or lied” to Georgulas about his history as to education, previous marriages, military experience, and employment. The mother argued that her business gave Younger a $45,000 check to purchase a truck but he sold it without permission after they separated. They had a prenuptial agreement.

In 2016, the court annulled the marriage and awarded Georgulas damages in the amount of the truck. Younger appealed. Younger testified that people were “clearly aware of my first wife” because Georgulas’s daughters used to make fun of her nickname.

The court records say Younger argued that “even if he exaggerated his educational accomplishments” and this constituted “a species of fraud, they do not afford a basis for destruction of the marriage.”

Georgulas testified that Younger had told her he was getting his PhD and had two degrees from a university in Dallas but later she determined he didn’t have a college degree. The court records state that Georgulas testified that she learned Younger “had been in the Marines for a very short period of time and because he was underage, he got removed from the Marines,” even though he allegedly told her he was a career Marine who had to fight in the Iraq War.

According to Georgulas, “she found out after they separated that Younger had been in the Army and was discharged due to an ‘admission of homosexuality.’” The court opinion states that the “record shows Younger testified he did not ‘mention much about the Army’ during the marriage, but acknowledged he was discharged from the Army due to admission of homosexuality.”

Younger earned in excess of $100,000 only in the year 2000, according to the court records.

The appeals court concluded that “the evidence supports the trial court’s findings supporting conclusions that Younger committed fraud by inducing Georgulas into marriage. Younger denied Georgulas’s allegations, and in some cases testified to the contrary. However, the trial court is the sole judge of the credibility of the witnesses, and it was permitted to believe Georgulas’s testimony and reject Younger’s testimony…. The trial court did not err in rendering a judgment annulling the marriage.”

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