Dallas Morning News Headline Transgender Kids and Families “Strongest Together”

Dallas Morning News

Dallas Morning News

This isn’t the first article by Lauren McGaughy of the Dallas Morning News, a “moderately conservative newspaper” empathically detailing the struggle of the Texas LGBT community. But it is arguably the most timely and poignant given the bathroom bill special session begins Tuesday.

McGaughy highlighted four DFW trans families and their support group in her article titled “North Texas families with transgender kids support one another, wage ‘war’ against bathroom bills.”

McGaughy wrote the article from the perspective of the parents. Without their support, their children would be exponentially more susceptible to self-harm even suicide given the relentless bullying being broadcast from the legislature and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

She wrote about one father who was on the verge of ‘walking’ when confronted with his transgender child’s coming out. But he found a group of a dozen parents in like circumstances who gathered in a small room in Dallas for counseling. Out of this informal group grew a family of hundreds affectionately known by LGBT people as “Mama and Papa Bears” who support one another and do what parents do. They are fighting for the lives of their children. Lauren McGaughy wrote

That was almost two years ago, when the group was just a couple of dozen confused and sometimes scared parents who met for counseling in a cramped office in northwest Dallas. Now, 10 times its original size, DFW Trans Kids & Families is likely the largest group of its kind — moms, dads and siblings brought together by their transgender relatives.

Together, they’ve faced rejection at church and bullies in school, unaccepting relatives and lost friends. This year, they’ve encountered a new enemy — the so-called bathroom bill, legislation that could limit which restrooms trans men, women and children can use.

The far right knows that if they put their boots on the necks of the next transgender generation now, they have effectively purged Texas of gender diverse for years to come. The inevitable increase of suicides amongst this demographic won’t be known as they won’t be reported as transgender by media. Dan Patrick, Greg Abbott, and their “freedom Caucus” cabal will be free to pursue their national political agenda blame free. Even in the event that they should be accused of having blood on their hands, the could parrot Representative Scott Sanford who said the reason we have a high suicide rate is due to a ‘mental illness’ and not laws or social stigma.

We need to be aware that Representative Sanford based his rationale for comparing black vs transgender suicide rates from The Federalist an oft quoted white supremacist blog. This should enthrall people of color who broke the chains of slavery from Texas legislators with Sanford’s mind set. We will see that argument from the haters in the future.

Dallas Morning News headline Saturday July 15, 2017

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The Dallas Morning News headline article should make it apparent to all in the Texas Legislature that #TransLivesMatter especially children, the most vulnerable.

I say should because I have personally witnessed the unadorned hatred of trans kids and the cavalier disregard for their well being by the backers of the Texas Bathroom Bills.

The inevitable accompanying power lust so permeating the Texas Legislature halls would disgust anyone with a moral compass.

House speaker Joe Straus needs to know he is in good company when he expressed his disgust of Dan Patrick’s war on children. We all are sir. We lived our lives peacefully, consciously and legally for eons prior to their attacking us with this discriminatory dysphoria inducing legislation.

All that we are asking for is that Dan Patrick stop his war on children and allow us to continue with our lives as citizens of the Lonestar.

Page 2 of the Dallas Morning News front page article about DFW transgender famlies and their support group

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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  2. Great news to read of the growth of mama snd papa bears and that LGBT Texans are pulling together.
    Indeed you already know your stronger in numbers.
    A recent write up about the challenges trans* Texans face by the
    National Center for Transgender Equality was a powerful accurate piece. It ended with them saying they will be there Tuesday fighting with you. If I could I would be too
    The important thing in this situation is refusing to settle for anything less than what is best for trams children first and adults second. My prayers are with you. Resist.


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