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Dallas Judge removed from transgender child custody case

Anne Georgulas
Dr. Anne Georgulas with Luna and family. Source Dr. Anne Georgulas Facebook

The Dallas judge who overruled the jury granting a trans child’s transphobic father parental rights in a custody case has been removed according to the Dallas Morning News

Last week, Dallas County Judge Tena Callahan granted the recusal request from the child’s mother, Anne Georgulas, mother of the 7-year-old is transgender girl, Luna.

Anne Georgulas filed the motion seeking the recusal of Judge Kim Cooks after Cooks shared a Dallas Morning News story about the case on her official Facebook page in October.

Judge Kim Cooks, religious zealot came under fire for sharing the Facebook post which had a comment indicating an anti-transgender bias.

The case became a lightning rod for anti-LGBT activists who donated thousands to a legal fundraiser by the child’s father.

Texas, a battleground state for trans rights has seen an increasing focus by the right on ending children’s transition and lives before puberty.

Texas Governor Gregg Abbott sent shockwaves throughout the medical and trans community when he directed the state to investigate Dr. Anne Georgulas for what he termed ‘child abuse’ for allowing her child to express her gender.

It is the community’s hope that thenew judge will work in the best interest of Luna.

Gov. Abbott has yet to issue a statement expressing gratitude that the child’s welfare overrode his political knee jerk pandering to ultra-right conservatives.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender



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