Cyprus police confiscate TDOR art exhibit. Local rights group outraged.


The artwork that policed deemed ‘obscene’.

Police raided a photographic exhibition by Greek trans activist Paola Reveniotis on Friday night and confiscated photographs of “naked men”, reminiscent of the medieval ages that Cyprus lived through in past decades.

The police respond:

Police on Saturday defended raiding a photo exhibition Greek trans and gay activist Paola Revenioti at the old Nicosia municipal market, and seizing part of it on the grounds of lewd content.

Spokesman Andreas Angelides rejected charges of excess zeal in removing the pictures, saying police had received repeated complaints from members of the public that they had been subjected to pictures of naked male bodies as some of the photos had not been covered during the market’s working hours on Friday.

“Officers from the Paphos Gate police station were immediately dispatched to the scene, and eight photographs depicting naked male bodies were confiscated,” he said.

The exhibit hadn’t begun, the photo’s were still covered.

LGBT rights NGO Accept-Cyprus LGBT has slammed police censorship after photographs exhibited to mark International Transgender Day of Remembrance were confiscated and its chairman charged with exhibiting obscene material in a public space.

Police have returned the photo’s that they haven’t deemed ‘pornographic’.

Some of the photos were returned, but others of male nudes were confiscated to be used as evidence in a trial. “Accept condemns what happened as clear-cut censorship and believes it has been targeted for its work,” it said. “The confiscation goes against any artistic expression that does not fall within the antiquated ideas of the police and the state as to what is art,” it added.

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