Medicine Hat Bar Corona Mocks Alberta Law After Transgender Discrimination

Corona Street Tavern located at 721 5 St SE Medicine Hat, AB

Corona Tuesday transgender woman River Main posted to facebook recalling how an employee at Corona humiliated her denying her access to the ladies room.

“Two weeks ago I was in Medicine Hat attending a local bar called The Corona and was asked several inappropriate questions about my transition by the staff.” said River Main “(I) then was told if I used the women’s washroom I would be kicked out of the bar.”

“They asked me if I was yet to have grs (bottom surgery) and I was told my presence would make the women feel uncomfortable. I told them I had not used a men’s washroom since I was 17 and I had no intention of starting. The majority of the staff and bar patrons were mortified by the opinions of this one manager so despite this person I went on with my night, not using any bathroom at all.”

“Now nearly two weeks later I have been informed this sign has been up and I am disgusted they think this degrading and archaic behavior is acceptable or even legal. I don’t live there and I have no intention of ever setting foot in that establishment again but the local LGBTTQQIAAP community should not have to deal with this nonsense.” said River Main.

Alberta Bill 7 unanimously adopted on the third reading December 2015 added gender expression and identity to the Alberta Human Rights Act which explicitly prohibits discrimination in public accommodations.

River Main’s problems aren’t confined to a bathroom stall as she posted on Facebook today that her profile has been reported as fake. Having to make major changes her profile at this point would disassociate her from the occurrence at the Corona.

Corona. sign change PNG

Corona management recently replaced the men’s room sign with one designating it as a gender-neutral facility. This obviously wasn’t an affirming action and some would go as far as to argue it was an appropriate response, although in the authors opinion remains very problematic. As troubling as the Corona’d response is they would still be breaking the law if they required transgender women to use the ‘gender neutral’ restroom which by process of elimination (no pun intended) remains the men’s room.

“I didn’t mean it to go in the direction that it did. We’re living and learning,” explained Corona manager Lorraine Schmaltz.

Schmaltz said she is “saddened” by the situation and by the negative attention the incident has received on Facebook. (Corona facebook page has been disabled, but one can still leave reviews on it by clicking HERE)

“We have to protect everybody. We have no issue with transgender,” said Schmaltz “We made a small mistake, but we’re rectifying the situation. We welcome anybody to come here.”

Schmaltz we could start that education right now. First, the word “Transgender” is an adjective. Learn more about that at .
Secondly, Ms.the wrong drink, over or under cooked meal, even tripping over a bar stool are all small mistakes. Intentional humiliating and degrading a person while denying them their legal human rights is a huge mistake.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. I really do sympathise with transgender community members who have had to put up with the sort of humiliation at public venues, and like the person who remarked above, I can’t understand why this subject is even getting so much air time, it’s simply rediculous.

    And to the venue manager, if it were me who had to put up with such humiliation, my reaction would have been simple…

    “You are running a commercial entity, which means regardless of which gender I am, you are a whore to one thing only, and that is money. Therefore I reserve the right to remind you, that it is only money of which you should be concerned with, not what I do or don’t have inbetween my legs. If you want to deny me the right to piss in a pot because of how I was born, then I will deny you the right of recieving my money, aswell as spread the good word about your humility and undrestanding, you arrogant piece of prejudice mother fucking shit! Good day.”

  2. Seriously, who spends this much time and effort to be the Potty Police? Haven’t they more important things to do… like running the business?


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