Columnist Brent Stafford calls trans objections to Rachel Dolezal “breathtaking hypocrisy”



Vancouver.24hrs columnist Brent Stafford took trans people to task Nov. 15th in a column called “Duel” where he and Petr Pospisil “battle over the issues of the day.” Stafford a self-professed transphobe struck out at the community vilifying us for objecting to some media’s disingenuous comparison of gender identity to Rachel Dolezal self-delusional blackface.

Yes, Rachel Dolezal again but stay with me, this takes a twist.

At the time, it was pretty cut and dry as illustrated in the first video below from June of this year. Dolezal had been caught living a lie. Any comparison at that time to her and trans people living our truth was highly objectionable.

But then something changed.

In the next video below just aired Nov. 4th on FOX Dolezal comes clean and admits to having been born white. She was instantly applauded and in a few short seconds, I will venture, appreciated and to some extent accepted.

Rachel Dolezal now has something in common with transgender people. She has just started living her truth. Whether that is accepted and embraced by the black community remains to be seen. I know some people who were born to a white body yet they are undeniably black in many respects, and that’s a good thing. Some of those aforementioned people are my friends and I value their lives and their truth.

All that truth escapes anyone who’s sole purpose is to dehumanize and denigrate a minority. Just saying.

Brent Stafford wrote on Vancouver.24hrs

“It’s fair to say the summer was a breakthrough for the transgender community. The gender transition of Caitlyn Jenner enthralled the media and audiences all over the world. Transgender people won victories in legislatures and living rooms. And, like at no other time, the right to self-identify one’s own gender appears to have solidified.”

“Self-identification expands the definition of gender from the mere medical manifestation of physical traits to those of the psyche. Advocates argue a person can self-identify as one gender or another — or no gender at all. As I’ve written here before, when you sign up for a Facebook account you have 51 choices for gender identification.”

“I certainly have voiced my criticisms and concerns over society’s embrace of the fluidity of gender and the challenges it creates. Those issues are not what this Duel is about — the sheer breathtaking hypocrisy exercised by the foot soldiers of tolerance in their effort to take down Rachel Dolezal for self-identifying as black.”

On November 4th, Rachel Dolezal admitted under duress that she is a white person who identifies as black and the crowd cheers. I cheer. Live it large Rachel Dolezal.

H/T Prison Planet We might never have known about her transition to authenticity or the sensationalist hypercritical bigot Brent Stafford henceforth know as” Day Late Dollar Short”/



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