Citi Bank now offering trans customers “True Name” credit cards.

True Name
JPMorgan Chase "True Name" is available at Citi Bank

Citi Bank is now offering True Name Credit cards to transgender customers which allows cardholders to present themselves authentically while making purchases. The powerhouse financial institution JPMorgan Chase first introduced the “True Name” concept in June 2019.

“I left my bank and avoided other banks when I legally transitioned twenty years ago. I would show my Driver’s license and my bank card both, of which identified me correctly to a teller who would in their next breath loudly misgender me. I even had a teller at a previous bank refuse to help me even though my legal id’s matched my gender expression,” said author Kelli Busey.

True NameMastercard made a commitment to address this challenge by introducing the “True Name™ card. They are working with partners to create a product, as well as a sensitive and private process free of personal questions, that will allow for true names, not deadnames, to appear on cards without the requirement of a legal name change. This will ease a major pain point for the transgender and non-binary community.

Mastercard calls on the industry to apply these standards for everyone, ensuring a way for people’s financial products to reflect their true identity.

A little over a year later JPMorgan Chase doubled down their commitment to trans lives by donating a million dollars to Out & Equal’s efforts for the transgender community.

The funding, to be provided over four years, will support our organization’s largest and most comprehensive program to further trans equality at work and develop the next generation of trans leaders. Out & Equal will now be able to invest more in the professional development in trans and gender-expansive employees across all career stages and to step up our investments in transforming the workplaces in which they show up. As part of this effort, we are also developing diagnostics, toolkits, resources, and trainings for employers.

“The need to step up for the trans and gender-expansive community is clear and JPMorgan Chase deserves credit for making this commitment,” said Erin Uritus, CEO of Out & Equal Workplace Advocates. “We’re excited to be able to expand our efforts to help members of this community thrive at work!”

I was able to secure employment after legally changing my Id’s. Soon afterward I started building my credit history. I now have an excellent credit rating thanks to Master Card which took a chance on me 20 years ago.

You can’t imagine my surprise and pride when I saw an ad for this card appear in an article I published here. Thank you, And thank you Citi Bank for taking this next step with the “True Name” credit card.

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender