Cis UMASS Doctor Accused of Recording a Woman in the Ladies Room

Marcus P. Cooper

Marcus P. Cooper

Yes, this allegedly happened in Massachusetts where transgender rights have been passed on a state level. However, that law did not include public accommodations I.E. the restroom.

And oh, the accused is a freaking doctor. Sorry trans bashers, no story here. But it did show up in my news feed because somehow trans people have been associated with this criminal activity. Wonder how that could have possibly occurred TX LT Gov. Dan Patrick? Any ideas?

The story from The Telegram:

WORCESTER – A UMass Medical School doctor accused of photographing a student in an on-campus women’s bathroom is to be arraigned in December.
Marcus P. Cooper, 46, of 53 Lincoln Lane, North Grafton, will be summoned to court on charges of photographing an unsuspecting nude person and disorderly conduct, according to records in Central District Court.
The case dates to Sept. 1.

In a witness statement logged with UMass police, Dr. Cooper said he was rather texting and emailing on his phone when he mistakenly walked into the women’s room. He told police he walked away from the woman when she demanded to see his badge and his phone because the woman “implied that (I) was some strange ‘black man’ ” and “she kept implying racial overtones.”
In a clerk magistrate’s hearing this week, probable cause was found to charge the doctor. A spokesperson for the school said Wednesday that Dr. Cooper was placed on administrative leave just after the incident.

She said she saw Dr. Cooper try to run into the adjacent men’s bathroom but she confronted him; the man refused to tell her his name, she said. The woman told police she told the man to go to campus police. She alleged he then told her, “You have no idea who I am and if you did, you wouldn’t be doing this.”

The woman told police she followed the man as he walked away, demanding he identify himself. He began to run, and the woman yelled for someone to stop him. Another woman then stepped in to help her.

In search warrant paperwork filed last month, an officer wrote that he was looking to search the doctor’s iPhone 6 for photos, videos, audio clips, any and all electronic images stored or deleted and all texts and emails between 12:45 and 2 p.m. that day. Police last month did not carry out the search in the end.

Dr. Cooper’s arraignment is scheduled for Dec. 16.

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