Cis Girl Beats Trans runner she’s suing says it doesn’t change anything

Cisgender High School student Chelsea Mitchell (Left) digs it out in spectacular style to win against the other transgender and cisgender runners.

One of the Connecticut High School girls who is suing to stop trans runners from competing just won a race against one of the trans runners she’s suing. She told NBC WVIT that her winning against the people she is suing to stop from competing doesn’t change anything.

Canton’s Chelsea Mitchell, one of the girls involved in a lawsuit seeking to block transgender athletes in Connecticut from participating in girls sports, beat out one of her transgender opponents targeted by that lawsuit in a track meet Friday.

CBS reports that the families of three high school girls who run track and field in Connecticut are suing in an attempt to bar transgender students from competing in girls’ sports.

The three student-athletes — Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith and Selina Soule — filed the suit in federal court Wednesday to challenge the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference’s policy of allowing transgender athletes to participate.

Christiana Holcomb is the attorney for the known hate group “Alliance Defending Freedom” which is representing the girls.  She said that the Connecticut policy “robs female athletes of opportunities because of the physical advantages of males” and “deprived female athletes of honors and opportunities to compete at elite levels.”

However, the Connecticut Association of Schools-Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference says its policy is “appropriate under both state and federal law” and follows a state anti-discrimination law.

Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, both high school seniors, are the transgender student-athletes at the center of the suit, who combined have won 15 state titles in different events.

The three plaintiffs have competed directly against them, almost always losing to Miller and usually behind Yearwood, the AP reports. Mitchell finished third in the 2019 state championship in the girls 55-meter indoor track competition behind Miller and Yearwood.

The ACLU which will be intervening on behalf of all transgender athletes and by extension Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller shared these statements from them on Twitter.

“There is a long history of excluding Black girls from sport and policing our bodies,” Miller said in a statement. “I am a runner and I will keep running and keep fighting for my existence, my community and my rights.”

Yearwood also defended her right to run in girls events: “I have known two things for most of my life: I am a girl and I love to run. There is no shortage of discrimination that I face as a young Black woman who is transgender.”

I have raced many times against cisgender women. It is my right as a transgender woman to do so. I have placed in the top three, but try as I might I haven’t taken first in a major race. Yet.

It is also my duty to ensure that my hormone levels have been maintained at the prescribed level.

I was born long before transgender people lived openly. I suffered beatings and ridicule only someone like myself could understand. Accordingly, I wasn’t prescribed hormone blockers as a minor and developed masculinized features.

I paid my personal price for right-wing hate yet it continues to this day.

Conservatives have filed at least 6 bills this session to criminalize doctors who prescribe hormone blockers to youth like those who are running these races.

The family of these girls like the ‘alliance defending freedom’, a known hate group, want to turn back the clock back to the era that I endured as a minor.

We are not about to let that happen.

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