Cidny Bullens “Walkin’ Through This World” strikes a Trans Cord

    Cidny Bullens
    Cidny Bullens
    Cidny Bullens / background courtesy of Diego Jimenez via unsplash.

    The refrain of Cidny Bullens’ first album post-transition “Walkin’ Through This World” ‘you can’t see me now, you couldn’t see me then’ stikes an invisible cord in my soul.

    Cidny’s new album offers a perspective unique to trans men with the refrain:
    “Unless you walk a mile in my shoes you won’t know I walked on by”.

    Don’t be surprised if your autocorrect doesn’t see Cidny even though he’s an Emmy nominated singer and songwriter who has performed since the ’70s with greats like Elton John and Rod Stewart.

    You just couldn’t see him even though you heard him on the soundtrack of the 1978 hit “Grease” preforming on “It’s Raining on Prom Night“, “Mooning” feat Louis St. Louis, or “Freddy, My Love” which strikes a chord time immemorial in young hearts.

    Hollylovesyouxoxx 2013 tribute to “Freddy, My Love” which I also danced to in my closeted queer youth:

    “Unless you walk a mile in my shoes you won’t know I walked on by.”


    But believe me, we see and hear you now.

    “I hope this album is part of my legacy,” he told The Nashville Scene. “I want it to serve. I want as many people to hear it as need to hear it, and that includes trans people who are having a difficult time. [I want them] to know that there’s an ally, and that there are other people who go through what we go through. If they can identify with the songs, that’s my wish.”

    Cidny, already a cisgender music legend of our bygone era, transitions musically joining the likes of Isley Reust, Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace, the hard-hitting gritty drive of Skye Cooper and the rhythmic mellow sounds of
    Yui Karlberg and so, so many more.

    Cidny Bullens
    Available for download and CD HERE

    “Walkin’ Through The World” which drops August 21 includes tracks:

    1. Little Pieces
    2. Purgatory Road
    3. Walkin’ Through This World
    4. The Gender Line
    5. Sugartown
    6. Crack The Sky
    7. Laugh In The Rain
    8. Call Me By My Name
    9. Lucky For me*
    10. Healing The Break

    All songs written by Cidny Bullens are available prelease for download and CD HERE

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    Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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