Amazing School Turns Down Chick-Fil-A Free Lunch

By now most of us have heard about the unnamed school that turned down a free lunch offered by Chick-Fil-A, a decidedly anti-LGBTQI company.


Images via student-produced LUSHER TV

But who is this audacious school that they should willingly take a stand so controversial? I hope that you will be amazed and heartened as I was to find out…

Lusher Charter School is a Kindergarten through 12th grade New Orleans Public Charter School located in uptown New Orleans and operated by the non-profit Advocates for Arts-Based Education Corporation.

For the past several decades, Lusher Charter School has been in the vanguard of innovative and successful educational institutions in Louisiana. Using a collaborative site-based leadership structure, Lusher faculty has implemented cutting-edge reforms in arts-based education, monitored and integrated the latest developments in neurological and brain research, designed positive discipline programs to build a strong school culture, and implemented a research-based systematic approach to literacy and numeracy instruction.

Its strong programs in academics, arts, and athletics give students the opportunity to explore and develop their talents while preparing for a college education.

Lusher High School is 5-star school (highest possible rating) and was rated an A+ school by the Louisiana Department of Education and is the highest performing K-12 school in the state of Louisiana.

These YouTubes produced by the students at Lusher High Schoo gave me tears of joy and hope for our future.

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