Chicago Trans Man threatened by Fox news viewer “I thought he was ISIS”

Benedetto DeFrancisco

Nov. 14th Benedetto DeFrancisco had changed his profile picture, taken earlier while on vacation in support of France. Ironically and sadly this was 4 days before the hate crime.

Benedetto DeFrancisco an associate teacher at a local elementary school likes to walk around his campus to unwind and meditate after the morning commute. DeFrancisco’s November 18th morning walk was misconstrued as a terrorist threat by William Jackson, a paranoid and obviously delusional Fox News viewer.

DeFrancisco, a highly recommeded teacher had his ear buds in and didn’t pay much attention to the commotion across the street on his first circuit, thinking the man was just drunk. DeFrancisco posted to facebook.

This morning, while on my daily pre-work morning walking meditation, I encountered an older man shouting at me directly from across the street and waving / pointing a gun in my direction. I called the police. I am okay. Initially, I thought that my role in this horrible experience was ‘random’ – but later learned from the police that the man and his wife were targeting me and legit thought I was an ISIS terrorist, probably due to my long dark beard.
This incident was premeditated for days with the intention of hurting me. This incident was a hate crime. This incident could have been prevented.
This has got to stop.
The fear, hatred, misguidance and lack of compassion that seems to be engulfing our world is disgusting – not to mention the easy access to guns. WE NEED THIS TO STOP NOW.

Windy City Times reports that Jackson was charged with aggravated assault and will appear in court Dec. 9. DeFrancisco asked police to investigate the matter as a hate crime, but was doubtful that would happen.

“[Jackson] is not the only person watching Fox News—it’s a toxin and it’s spreading fear, and this fear leads to hatred. Instead of wanting to know something about a culture or religion, they just shut it down in the most horrible or scary way,” said DeFrancisco, who also noted that his gender identity was was not made an issue by Jackson or police.

He said Jackson, from whom he’d most like a letter of apology, became remorseful when talking to police.

“I’m not interested in his serving jail time,” DeFrancisco added. “I would like a dialogue with him about what lesson he learned from this, what he’s going to do to open his mind a little. I’m not looking for any kind of revenge.”

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