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Charlotte manager stuns council that voted down trans protections. We’ve been doing it all along.

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City Manager Ron Carlee says Charlotte has been supportive of trans rights all along.

Back in March the Charlotte city council voted against the ordinance that would have given LGBT citizens limited protections. Two Democrats joined republicans turning the tide by voting against it. But they did so because the public accommodations provisions for transgender citizens had been removed.

“I will not and I cannot support an amendment that does not protect all of our citizens,” said Mayfield, a Democrat.

Mayfield and Autry, also a Democrat, voted against removing the bathroom section, and both voted against the final bill because they couldn’t support a half measure

Charlotte, we’ve been doing this all along

City Manager Ron Carlee says transgender employees and visitors  have the right to use the restroom of their gender identity in the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center. Carlee also said the same was true for other city-owned facilities such as Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Ovens Auditorium, Bojangles’ Arena and the convention center. The latter three are owned by the city but managed by the Charlotte Regional Visitors Bureau, which confirmed the practice.

Mecklenburg County officials say they use a similar approach in county-operated buildings and parks.

But is it so? Historically speaking, no.

April 2014 Andraya Williams was utterly humiliated after she presented her female college ID to North Carolina Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC) security guards while leaving a ladies room.

Ms. Williams presented her ID, which clearly identifies her as female. Despite that the guard persisted in mockingly questioning Ms.Williams gender and called reinforcement. When the other guards arrived, they surrounded Ms. Williams eventually escorting her off campus.

The next-day Ms. Williams intent on resolving the incident went to the Dean of student life, who informed her she was suspended for not presenting her ID to the guards.

Ms. Williams told the TransAdvocate the Colleges version was simply not true, and she has proof. “When the guard first approached me, I called my attorney who listened to the entire incident. She heard me present my ID to several officers. She heard me then ask if I was free to leave”.

In March of 2015 Democratic Party activist, Janice Covington Allison was escorted out of the ladies room at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center by a woman police officer.

Covington told the Charlotte Observer

““I was looking in the mirror primping my hair – cause I had just crossed the street in the wind – and the police woman said, ‘I’ve had complaints. You have to leave,’” said Allison, the chairwoman of diversity and outreach for the N.C. Democratic Party.
“I was in shock. I asked her, ‘Am I being arrested?’ When we walked out the door, there were 20 people standing there, eyeballing me and pointing at me, and it was clear they were talking about me.”

One called her a “pervert,” she recalled.

Trans woman and children were attacked at the same time in the same building while the vote was being taken.

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Men loitering outside a woman’s restroom at the Charlotte government center harass a transgender teenager calling her a ‘punk’ and ‘pervert’. Photos QNOTES

Men who had spoken in opposition to the ordinance loitered outside of the woman’s bathroom and harassing transgender woman and children.

One teen Olivia, 17, told qnotes she went to use the women’s restroom on the second floor of the government center. Inside, everything was fine and she heard no complaints from the adult women in the restroom. But when she came out, Olivia says a man confronted her, called her a “young man” a “punk” and a “pervert” and said she shouldn’t have been in the women’s restroom.

Clearly we applaud Charlotte city manager’s sentiment but without a written law there will be no justice..

Kelli Buseyhttps://planettransgender.com
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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