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Charges against trans teen, Jane Doe for the fight dropped yet she remains in a boy’s jail!

Jane had this impression of her done and wants us to picture her this way.

Transgender youth Jane Doe had a hard life before becoming a ward of the state and its only got worse. She’s been bounced around between boy’s and girls facilities seven times  even incarcerated in solitary, where she remains, yet she’s committed no crime.

July 12th the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) issued a press release announcing Jane Doe’s transfer to a boy’s facility after she was attacked by four girls at the DCF Pueblo facility.

DCF Commissioner Katz was cocky in the press release, sure that the charges brought against Jane would stick. But the prosecutor, obviously not one of commissioners Katz’s Judge cronies, dismissed the charges.

The state Office of Child Advocate slammed Katz publicly calling the DCF out for their “public shaming” Jane a “victim of significant abuse and neglect”.

DCF has refused expert advice even as they failed Jane criminally

Perhaps Jane lost all hope. She walked out of a state mandated therapy session last week. It’s unknown what kind of therapy was required but judging by DCF’s treatment of her thus far it probably wasn’t for her gender incongruence. It’s fair to assume she is sick and tired and scared of what commissioner Katz will do to her next. So she ran.

Jane the only one charged of the five girls involved was moved to a boy’s detention facility where she is being held in protective custody. In other words, Jane is being punished for a crime she didn’t commit, and she is doing time in solitary, again.

Are you also wondering, where is the justice? Why is this child being treated this way in Connecticut, a state with transgender inclusive laws?

If you’re in Hartford Connecticut September 27th and Jane’s story bothers you as much as it does me you can join with others to rally for Jane..
From the Facebook event:

SATURDAY, September 27 @ 12 noon
RALLY at DCF Headquarters – 505 Hudson St., Hartford, CT
MARCH to State Capitol – 210 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT
Carpool from New Haven – comment on event or contact / 203.787.8232

Join us to demand #JusticeForJane!

For over a month now, Jane Doe, a transgender Latina teenager and abuse and trafficking victim, has been in solitary confinement at CT Training Juvenile School, a prison-like boys’ facility. After being held in a women’s prison without charges for over a month, Jane is suffering again – this time in a solitary cell surrounded by boys.

CT DCF and Commissioner Katz, who has been shamelessly protecting Jane’s abusers and demonizing Jane every step of the way, have gone to extreme lengths to make sure Jane is kept in these disgusting conditions and not allowed into a loving family or to demand justice for the horrific abuse she has been suffering since age 8.

Jane has waited long enough for legal maneuvering. We need to stand together in demanding the truth about Jane’s conditions, demanding that she be released immediately and that her abusers be brought to justice. Please join us to rally and march and say NO MORE to Katz and DCF’s abuse of Jane and other youth!

Justice for Jane!
Justice for all youth in DCF “care”!
Justice for all poor and LGBTQ* youth and youth of color!

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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