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Cathy Brennan made a name OUTING Transkids now suing After Ellen for Reveal!

Cathey Brennan spends much of her time making incrediable infantile messages and sending them to grown ups.
Cathey Brennan spends much of her time making incredibly infantile messages and sending them to transgender women.

Cathy Brennan is suing After Ellen for defamation over an article exposing her for outing trans people.

The Advocate Reports the lawsuit, filed last week in Baltimore, defines “doxxing” as the act of publishing private information about an individual, typically with malicious intent. The complaint claims the writer maligned Brennan by saying she “digs up private information about a group of individuals who are trying to hide their identity and then exposes their identity to the public.”

Brennan, 45, said Tuesday, “The suggestion that I am doxxing anyone … is simply absurd,” according to The Daily Record, a Maryland legal paper.


After Ellen responds to Brennan’s Lawsuit

Planet Trans journalist Claire-Renee Kohner gets a candid one on one with Brennen

Cathey Brennan doesn’t just out adults, she attacks transgender youth outing them to their schools. I am cross-posting an article below from 2013 about her outing a youth which almost cost him his life.

First Brennan engaged Rufus on Twitter in typical TERF fashion baiting him to react emotionally. He did so with a very ill-advised and deplorable rape joke. Rufus a minor and relatively uninformed about world matters did so out of anger but quickly apologized. An apology that Brennan casually disregarded.

Brennan knew full well that Rufus is a transgender minor male, but she intentionally used female pronouns, dead named him and maligned his name in this letter to his school where he had just moved to after transitioning:

Brennan letter to Rufus High school
A link ti this letter can be found below. The letter is proudly being displayed by Brennan’s on her website .

From 2013…..

There have been many articles published about the Florence Colorado student who is being attacked by the right wing conservatives. There have been many intentional breaches of journalistic protocol along the way but only one that clearly endangered the youth at the center of this manufactured ‘controversy’.

NBC KOAA in Colorado Springs published a very biased video “Transgender Student Causing Controversy” early on naming the transgender student. To date no other media, mainstream, or social has parroted that story or stooped that low to endanger this vulnerable young person’s life.

All including the most vehement of anti transgender pundits have at least used a misgendered pseudonym when talking about our transgender student “Jane Doe”.

Except one.

Cathy Brennan a TERF (Trans Exclusionaly Radical Feminist) on her WordPress blog Gender Identity Watch”. Brennan has posted her picture and republished the NBC video on Vimeo undoubtedly aware that if she put it on You Tube it would have violated terms of service.

But this isn’t the first time Brennan has outed a transgender student.

Cathy Brennan, Lawyer, Maliciously OUTed a 17 Y.O. Transgender Youth To His High School June of 2012, then laughed at his attempts to apologize for making an unacceptable rape joke on twitter in his youthful zeal after being baited into it by? Yes Cathy Brennan.

Brennan tweeting as “GID watch”:

Transgender Bathroom Law Creates Controversy
— Gender IdentityWatch (@GIDWatch) October 20, 2013

You can help put a stop to Brennan’s amplification outing of yet another transgender student by reporting her blog to I reported Brennan for “content (that) promotes self-harm/suicide.

Transgender youth are especially vulnerable. The Youth Suicide Prevention Program reports that “More than 50% of Transgender youth will have had at least one suicide attempt by their 20th birthday.*.

Report Brennan. Save a transgender youth’s life.


Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


  1. If WordPress gave a shit, GIW would have been gone long ago. Brennan’s attacks on minors and on people with suicidal/mental health issues need to be reported to the police and to Adult/Child Protective Services.


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