Carmen Carrera clothes auction to benefit Peruvian Transgender House

Carmen Carrera

The one and only Carmen Carrera has opened an ebay shop where she is actioning personal items to benefit Casa Trans de Lima Este. Carmen’s gorgeous shoes, costumes, and other items that we have seen her wear on stage and screen could be yours!

Las mujeres de la Casa Trans de Lima Este nos muestran lo que significa ser resiliente en un país que les niega la igualdad de oportunidades y derechos. Ellas han creado un espacio donde podrán empoderarse a ellas mismas y a nuevas generaciones. ?️‍⚧️

The women of the Casa Trans de Lima Este show us what it means to be resilient in a country that denies them equal opportunities and rights. They have created a space where they can empower themselves and new generations. ?️‍⚧️ Your location is a safe place where your community will receive training and has been recognized as a Center for Basic Alternative Education.

If you aren’t able participate in the auction, you can still help share this video to spread the word and get these items sold!! Thank you so much and god bless!!

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Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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