Carlton Champion guilty of murdering trans woman Ty Underwood

Carlton Champion

Screaming “I’ll be back on the streets” an enraged Carlton Champion was dragged from the courtroom Thursday after the verdict was read.

Former Texas football player Carlton Ray Champion Jr. was convicted yesterday of the 2014 murder of Tyler transgender woman Ty Underwood. The jury deliberated two hours after hearing three days of testimony. Deputies locked down the courtroom as they surrounded and removed Carlton Champion by force.

Prosecutors presented evidence that Ms. Underwood and Carlton Champion had been in a long term relationship and had exchanged texts the morning of the murder. Carlton Champion’s roommate testified that he had been aware of the relationship and hoped that it would be beneficial to him. Carlton Champion was not charged with a hate crime even though prosecutors argued that Charlton murdered her because he didn’t want knowledge of the relationship to go public.

When news of this murder first came to light news outlets were quick to call it “deceitful love” inferring that a deception had occurred and justice had been done. In the transgender world, we know that as “Trans Panic”. This is when a cisgender man becomes so afraid about what others would think of his love affair with a transgender woman he ‘panics’ and murders her. California outlawed the “Trans and Gay panic” ‘ defense in 2014. The Bar Association urged attornies not to use it but some unscrupiouls lawyers still do implying that a murderer who panicked because of an alleged deceit can actually be the victim.

Sentencing is taking place this morning. Carlton Ray Champion Jr. could receive up to life in prison.

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3 Responses to Carlton Champion guilty of murdering trans woman Ty Underwood

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  2. Jasmin December 24, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    There should be laws protecting a person being swindled into a sexual relationship, marriage or even parenthood by a transgender. Fact is a lie is knowingly told and full blown deception practiced towards another human being who did not receive the opportunity to make a decision based on the truth being withheld.
    That is not ok.
    This is what triggers hate crimes.

    It is not ok to lie to get what you want under any circumstance and in cases like this it carried horrific consequences.

    The transgender community demands laws to ensure they can live their lives in freedom and in acceptance within society.
    It goes both ways though. A heterosexual man or a hetero sexual woman should also receive the freedom and acceptance by the transgender society regarding their decision to be with an opposite sex partner.
    You should not practice deception, fraud or impersonation in order to enter a relationship when you are aware that would this person know the truth he or she would not willingly enter into the relationship.
    Everyone deserves the freedom to live their lives the way they want.

  3. Kelli Busey December 25, 2015 at 5:56 am


    What you said is wrong, offensive and furthermore enabling to murderers.
    Transgender people are murdered after someone gets sex because:

    1. Someone got what they wanted from the trans person, anonymous sex.
    2. They didn’t want anyone to know that they are sexually excited by transgender people.
    3. After their sexual desire is fulfilled the trans person with whom they had sex with no longer has any value to them.

    These cowards act of fear.
    They are scared of what their buddies will think of them and you excuse their actions because you say they were misled by the victim? What about? Their true gender of the fact that they might have a penis?

    You just validated the transpanic defense.

    So if we follow your logic, and supposing that you are trans…
    if you were to be killed by someone with whom you have a friendship with.
    And given that you hadn’t been explicitly warned said person of your (supposed) trans status, WE should believe the murders testimony that you deceived him and that should be fine by everyone. (who’s alive to attend the trial) or write about it.

    I’ll keep that in mind.