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Capital FM Radio Host Simon Hirst Comes Out As Transgender

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day, and one of the best stories I’ve seen come out of the event is that of Yorkshire Capital FM Radio host Simon Hirst coming out as transgender, revealing that she will be called Stephanie going forward.

Stephanie previously hosted a breakfast show on Capital FM Yorkshire, ‘Hirsty’s Daily Dose’, but left the station in June.

During an interview with Radio 5 Live she revealed, ‘There were many times on the air in recent years where I nearly said that I’m transgender. I knew from around the same time that I wanted to be on the radio that something wasn’t right. I didn’t feel complete, I didn’t feel like it locked. I felt like a square peg in a round hole but I didn’t know why and I couldn’t work it out.

‘I’m not going to flounce around in a flowery dress all day. I’m just me, I’m just a human being, I still love people, I still care for people the same way – nothing changes. And for anyone who is going through this or thinking of going through this we don’t change, we don’t change. Yes, the exterior changes but we’re still the same people.

‘My name was Simon Neil Hirst and I still want to keep my initials because it’s important to me. Some people in my position want to eradicate their past and forget about it. But I’m very proud of my past and I’m not going to erase that or try to get rid of it. I can’t and I don’t want to, it’s who I am.

‘I can get up and I can be myself and for me that encapsulates everything. I don’t have to hide anymore, I don’t have to hide anymore. I am a woman and that’s it.’

I personally want to congratulate Stephanie for having the bravery for coming out and embracing who she really is, especially in such a public way. I wish her all the best going forward in her transition and hope that she loves finally getting to be the person she has always needed to be.

You can listen to the full iterview On BBC



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