Trans Woman Candy Lee Wins Kiwi Pro Wrestling Championship

Candy Lee

Candy Lee / Photo Diva Dirt

Artwork by @Lilyfae

New Zealand’s Candy Lee ended her opponents reign dropping a Candy crush on her during the “Nightmare before Christmas” match December 16th. Diva Dirt reports that Candy Lee became the first transgender woman to win a major Indie title when she became New Zealand’s women’s Impact Pro Wrestling Champion.

According to Last Word on Pro Wrestling, Candy Lee (real name Leilani Tominiko) is a 22-year old Samoan wrestler who trained at the IPW Training Academy, making her debut with Impact Pro Wrestling last October. While not the first transgender pro wrestler – American wrestler Amanda “The Blood Thirsty Vixen” debuted first in 2011 with American Wrestling Alliance (AWA) and in the UK, Harley Ryder made her debut in 2013. Amanda also won a title, winning the WILD Women’s Championship from Lucky O’Shea in 2011, in the now defunct World Independent Ladies Division (WILD) Wrestling promotion in California.

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