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Canadian woman’s photo campaign against C-279 anti-trans amendment goes Viral

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Brae Carnes selfies vividly illustrate how dangerous it would be if the amended trans rights bill passed and females were forced to use the men’s room.

Brae Carnes asked early in her campaign on Facebook “As a trans woman I’m not even safe from discrimination at the pub or public transit. What’s going to happen if I’m forced into a men’s changeroom?”

Brae Carnes is concerned that the Canadian trans right bill as amended which has become a Jim Crow law and if enacted how it will affect her.

Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca NDP MP Randall Garrison introduced Bill C-279 in 2011, saying transgender people should enjoy the same rights as everyone else. The bill would alter the Canadian Human Rights Act and Criminal Code to protect people from discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Most see the amendment by Sen. Don Plett as a way to kill the bill with elections looming.

Later after a photo shoot, a man followed Carnes out of the men’s room to her car and banged on her window trying to proposition her. That man saw her as a potential rape victim, as a toy for his sexual desires to be discarded when done. He saw her as a non-person that no one would care about.

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Sen. Don Plett

Ms. Carnes said she has taken the photos to illustrate how dangerously absurd the amendments added by Conservative Sen. Don Plett are.

Platt says that he is all for letting trans people work and get housing but said the amendment was necessary because pedophiles would take advantage of the trans rights bill without it.

“I have no problem with people that identify as women when they’re biological male in housing and employment. They need to be treated absolutely equally,” Plett said during committee on Oct. 2.

“The issue I have is that many elements of society are separated based on sex and not on gender — shelters, change rooms, bathrooms, even sports teams. They are not separated based on internal feelings but on sex, physiological and anatomical differences. Whether or not we like the fact that men and women are biologically different is irrelevant.”

Makenna Rielly, executive director of both the Victoria Sexual Assault Network and the Victoria Women’s Transition House, disagrees with Carnes and said her organizations will continue caring for all abused woman.Rielly told The Times Colonist:

“This whole thing really bugs me, that this amendment was supposedly protecting women who’ve experienced abuse. We see this as a huge setback.”
“People don’t understand that trans people face 50 to 70 percent of assaults in washrooms.”

Carnes told the BBC in the interview below that ‘first of all he’s calling all trans people pedophiles and assailants! But where he’s really missing the mark is that there’s such a thing as trans men, and that means that they would have to use the woman’s washroom”.

Brae Carnes advocacy rings true with transgender people across the world. In my country, there are three state anti-transgender bills pending. One in Kentucky, one in Florida, and one in my own state of Texas which would essentially make my existence illegal.

Kelli Busey
Kelli, Busey is managing editor at Planet Transgender


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