Call For Papers and Presentations Transecting Society Conf. @UNH

Transecting Society  is a two-day symposium dedicated to exploring controversial topics related to trans* lives in contemporary U.S. society” April 5-6, 2013 at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, N.H.

Sound like a bunch of old fogies huddled around a pot bellied stove in the sticks?

Check some of the topics then you tell me:

Trans* and Feminism (maybe touching on ‘Radfem’), Trans* in Lesbian/Gay/Queer Communities, including LBG transphobia, Trans* Terminologies reclaiming the word ‘tranny’ (from who?), Trans* Media and Media Defamation ‘ticked off tranny’s with knives’ and such’, Trans* Blogosphere and New Media Blog wars, vblogging, And much much more!! 

So it’s hot, hosted at a university elevating our conversation and culture but who else is promoting this open critical dialogue? Feminist law professors of course.

So come one, come all (even radfems ) submit your paper and present for a critical look into transecting Society.

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