Caitlyn Jenner bashes Trans Girls yet competes from the woman’s Tee

Caitlyn Jenner

Trump sycophant Caitlyn Jenner, a Republican from California recently announced that she has decided to run for Governor now that a recall election of Gov. Newsom, a Democrat is inevitable.

I’m not going to accuse Jenner of transitioning to gain an advantage in sports. But it is impossible to ignore that she reveled in her golfing bud’s angst and was thrilled with another opportunity to play with an unfair advantage.

That was 2016 — Fast forward to 2021– JENNER THE POLITICIAN

After Jenner announced her political asperation it became all the rage for mainstream media to bait her by asking why transgender people didn’t like her. *they knew the answer*

Caitlyn Jenner in a January Him/Her PodCast interview explained that she just can’t connect with the trans community because, and I paraphrase,  “I’m white, I have a job and I’m not a black gutter whore like most of them.”

Listen, Jenner, you privileged white supremacist, what’s good for the GOP politician born a biological male is good for the gander born as a biological female. No amount of immoral pandering to those that hate you is going to help you get elected.

Leave my communities most vulnerable alone, and for Christ’s sake, tee off from the men’s tee, would you please? You obviously have an unfair advantage.

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