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Caitlyn Jenner : a Greek Tragedy in the making?


Now that no one considers Caitlyn Jenner an actual political contender or mensch, we moved her posts from politics to art because her life is a freaking greek tragedy.

She briefly posted then deleted this meme from her Instagram stories (she’d just reposted it with the laughing/crying emoji) but not before gossip blogger Perez Hilton managed to grab a screenshot.

As we have said before self-hate is a terrible self-defeating thing. Jenner has to come to terms with her internalized transphobia before she can begin evolving into an actual human being.

Alexandra Billings didn’t cut Jenner any slack in a repost of the meme:

Dear @caitlynjenner

Reposting @donaldjtrumpjr pic says volumes about both your self-hatred and your blatant transphobia. I know this rage. I lived with it for years and it is still a cacophony of voices that haunt me.
But I am not running for a public office and I am not a self-proclaimed “role model”.

“With your private airplane hanger full of lies and your million dollar shoes, you have as much in common with us, as we do with you. It isn’t your Transness people are bothered by, it’s your behavior as a human, Caitlyn. Your profound need to be liked is sadly backfiring,” Billings said. “You are fearful of both yourself and any kind of newness and you navigate with a well of anger in your heart that is deeply disturbing. And apparent to all of us.”

The Wrap which reported on this first studiously pointed out that Billings was referencing the interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Jenner gave from her airplane hanger in southern California. Jenner caught heat after the interview for sharing an anecdote that a fellow private hangar owner told her he was packing up and moving to Arizona because he couldn’t stand looking at homeless people in California.

Then there’s this precious podcast interview on Him Her in which Jenner explained why she isn’t accepted by the trans community:

I’m white, I’m successful and I’m not a gutter whore, because I work for a living.


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