Burney Crenshaw wanted for beating of gay Achille OK Mayor

Burney Crenshaw
Just hours after the attack, still bloodied, Mayor David Northcutt went on camera to report the horrific incident.

Burney Crenshaw who has a history of threatening an Achille 7-year-old transgender student made good on those threats yesterday, viciously attacking David Northcutt, the out gay mayor of Achille OK.


  • The FBI is investigating the assault as a hate crime. More at kxii.com
  • Mayor Northcutt suspended the entire police force.
  • Achille Board of Trustees voted 3-2 to fire the Police Chief but voted 3-2 to retain the rest of the force.
  • Burney Crenshaw remains at large.

In a story originally broke by Hate Trackers it is reported that Burney Crenshaw was not prosecuted for his role in the attack on the transgender child.

Last Summer The New York Times reported that Maddie’s mother Brandy Rose, obtained an order of protection against Mr. Crenshaw after she said he blocked her in the road on Friday morning and “verbally assaulted” her about Maddie, shortly after they dropped their children off at school. Earlier this year, she said, Mr. Crenshaw confronted Ms. Rose’s husband at a father-daughter dance that he had attended with Maddie.

kxii.com reported today that Mayor David Northcutt says he was shopping at a local convenience store on Saturday afternoon in Achille to buy lunch, when all of the sudden he began to get taunted by a man.

The mayor who is an openly gay man says the person who attacked him began using homophobic slurs.

“It’s mean spirited its just hateful, and it has no place in common discourse among civilized people,” said Northcutt.

Northcutt says the suspect then tried to get him to leave the store to fight him outside but the mayor wanted no part of it.

“I told him I had no intentions of leaving the store, I had no intentions of fighting him, to just simply leave me alone.”

This is what happened next, Northcutt says he was hit in the back of the head with a case of beer, knocking him out.

When he woke up, his face was left was practically unrecognizable.

Mayor Northcutt was taken to Texoma Medical Center by ambulance after the attack, he was treated then released. He will recover from his injuries such as a broken nose, several rounds of stitches, and two black eyes.

Achille police have named a suspect, they tell News12 they believe a man named Burney Crenshaw is who did this.

And say he is still on the loose.

Maddie was able to move from Achille thanks to friends but Mayor Northcutt says he’s staying put.

Mr. Northcutt says he will pursue charges to the fullest extent.

“That’s not America this is my home too, and I have every right to be here and stay.”



  1. Is this what you call ‘Making America Great Again’? Your country will never see my tourist dollar again. Ever. Except maybe for California, once that piece of crap you call ‘president’ has been removed.


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