Transgender woman Bubbli was murdered Wednesday in Pakistan

This is a Muslim funeral ritual shared with our friends so we all know of the life and death of our trans sister Bubbli.

R.I.P. Bubbli
R.I.P. Bubbli

Transgender woman Bubbli was murdered on Wednesday in the city of Taxila Punjab, Pakistan. We had just been chatting with a friend from Islamabad earlier in the day when they learned of the kidnapping of Khwaja Sara Sweety. Then at night fell here in the US, we learned via a friend in the UK of the murder of Bubbli, in Taxila, just north of the capital city of Islamabad.

“My Transgender Friend Bubbli was murdered today in Taxila Punjab,” said Nayyab Ali, TransAction PK advisor. It’s very hard to say goodbye forever to my community members.”

“Our life starts with ignorance, spent with abuses, manipulation, vulnerability, and end with violence- in short Transgender is another name of Tolerance. “

One very important funeral rite in the Islamic faith is that burial take place as quickly as possible after death. For this reason, there is no viewing, wake, or visitation. Immediately after death, the body is washed and covered with a sheet by family members. The hands are placed as if in prayer.

Rest in Peace Bubbli

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