Bruce Jenner Reality Show Transition and The Trans Narrative

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Apparently I’m a ‘bitter cunt’ for pointing out the obvious about Bruce Jenner.

I’m not new to the ‘reality’ show grind.

As an editor at the Planet, I’m contacted with increasing frequency by casting producers searching for transgender families who would be willing to do reality shows. Some I’ve helped, some like the one that was looking for trans people who argue over money I didn’t and won’t in the future.

I believe in the accepting nature of the gender diverse community. Heck, it wasn’t long ago that we had to lie to gatekeeper therapists so we could get a ‘carry letter’ and hormones.

Bruce Jenner. (You can watch the full interview at the bottom of the post.)

Frankly I am fine with however Jenner presents. That is his business. I don’t have a tevivison so I missed the original broadcast and really didn’t intend on getting involved with the taudry Kardashian Jenner transition, but then I got called a ‘bitter cunt’ and that changed everything.

I hadn’t seen the whole interview when I made this comment on facebook….

Jenner is still identifying with male pronouns according to Diane Sawyer.
Yes, he is holding his cards close to his chest.
Yes, he is a big reality star set to capitalize on the transgender experience. (episodes 1 through?)
Yes, there is a very good chance like it or not that he will influence the transgender narrative for the years to come.
I don’t like it for these reasons.

Helpless murdered trans people had very little in common with Jenner save both being trans.

99% of trans people struggle economically. Does that make it wrong that a rich white person should get richer by selling his transition?
Some of us would say yes, Some would say no.

I would say there is a very good chance the cisgender world that would be more than happy to be told his story and go to bed believing all things in the trans world are just Jenner.

We’ve has a trans person killed every day and a half on average so far this year and that’s not counting the suicides. Most of those deaths were poor black transgender woman. Not white or rich or privileged.

Hell, some of those children who killed themselves barely got mentioned in the media.

Will the Bruce Jenner story help transgender people? Possibly. Maybe he could donate some of the proceeds from the reality show to help transgender people.

The whole world is watching the interview with #BruceJenner but what about the trans women of color who murdered for a living that’s truth. At the beginning of the year there were eight trans women of color be a marriage! Well everyone was wearing if Bruce Jenner was transitioning. Trans woman or colored lights matter to!

Posted by Monica Jones on Friday, April 24, 2015

I’m a cunt?

Bitter cunt 1
bitter cunt 2

So this conversation must happen as we grow as a community. I was upset when I saw article after article by cisgender media saying how we all applauded the Jenner interview. That was not the true. We must hold this conversation. Now am I a little bitter that some people live a privilaged life? Yes a little but I also know in my heart that my transition and association with grass-roots activism has filled me with something no reality show ever could.

And oh yeah. Please don’t call me a bitter cunt, ok? Thank you!

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4 Responses to Bruce Jenner Reality Show Transition and The Trans Narrative

  1. THX3141 April 25, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Denise – Really? You’ve managed to isolate yourself that completely? Every one of your peers has the same opinion on something as complex as this? You both need to get out more. And it appears that Kelli is rubber. That leaves you to be glue.
    Am I also a bitter cunt? Maybe. I identify as male. I was born male. Can I still be a cunt? I may have a shot at the “Miss Anthrope 2015” title.
    I’ve seen too much of Jenner already to be willing to watch his video. Even if, as Cris points out, he defines transgender as not defined by lines, I suspect many non-transgender folks will still come away with “Oh. So that’s what transgendered people are like.” And any “reality” TV show seems like a Jerry Springer production to me.

  2. rhonda r jantzen April 25, 2015 at 10:52 pm

    kelly you are so right all the way to the end. we were hoping the result would be different..he is way too smug and described his journey like a prepared script for a reality show.

  3. Jessica April 26, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Well, I’ve watched “trans” interviews on TV since the days of Phill Donahue. I don’t know what you watched, oh that’s right… 10 seconds, but you sure didn’t the see what I saw. Also making judgements based on 10 seconds of viewing a two hour show is pretty rotten if you ask me. Does it make you a “cu#t”? I don’t know but it does make you look really bad to those that actually watched the show.

    Bruce made it known that he just represents himself and isn’t out to tell the story of all trans people, just his story and journey.

    The interview was amazing. One of the best that I’ve ever seen. All the typical misinformation and myths about trans people were addressed and corrected with facts and truths. He told his (I say his because for that particular interview he and Diane stated that they would use male pronouns and his name, Bruce, for this one interview and that was reiterated twice at separate times) story and it’s in line with all the hundreds of trans people I know. His struggles, his first attempt at transition in the 80’s, his marriages, 5 years on hormones, etc…

    Please believe me when I say this, when I first heard about the pending interview I was horrified. I honestly thought that it was going to be like all the others with their Pier’s Morgan moments and horribly incorrect information. I mean, come on, it’s the Kardashians for crying out loud. About 45 minutes in I started to cry a little because what I had feared would happen didn’t. Instead of going horribly wrong everything was going as well as it possibly could.

    I spent the next 1 hour 15 minutes waiting for things to crumble and go off the rails as I suspected it would but it NEVER DID.

    As a leader in the local LGBT community I was so beyond surprised at what I saw. It was beautifully done, I wouldn’t have changed at thing.

    I will be telling my Mother to watch this interview if she hasn’t already. She’s highly religious and not very supportive of me. It parallels my experience and probably yours too and does an excellent job of explaining things in terms that the regular person will understand. And most important of all it got thing right. I didn’t see anything that I would have changed or corrected.

    Who knows what the future will hold for Bruce. Things sure could go horribly wrong with any shows in the future as his life plays out before the camera. You know, Kardashians and all it can still go horribly wrong but this interview was spot on and deserves a truck load of kudos. Give credit where credit is due and this interview deserves it.

  4. Kelli Busey April 28, 2015 at 7:05 am

    “Well, I’ve watched “trans” interviews on TV since the days of Phill Donahue. I don’t know what you watched, oh that’s right… 10 seconds”

    I watched the whole interview before posting this and embedded it in the article so others could watch it. But you would have to read the whole post to have known that.

    I don’t know what the future holds for Bruce Jenner. I hope tha Bruce has a successful transition and finds happiness living as his authentic self.

    I also hope that Jenner and the Kardashians treat the trans experience with dignity and respect as they have done other topics on their reality show.