Slain trans woman Brooklyn Lindsey remembered and honored by family


Brooklyn Lindsey Photo Fox News

Transgender woman Brooklyn Lindsey’ lifeless body was discovered on June 25th at 6:40 a.m. by police responding to a call at an abandoned house near Spruce and Independence avenues in Kansas City Missouri.

The initial reports told of her being found brutally beaten on the porch of the abandoned house have since been sanitized and white-quashed in subsequent news reports for cisgender consumption.

Friends baffled reporters by declaring themselves ‘siblings’ of Brooklyn describe what we understand as our transgender family ties.

Those who mourned her In Kansas City did so with chalk making memorials to honor a friend whom they said had just made efforts to reconcile past differences.

Brooklyn Lindsey was the United States 11th wrongful transgender death and worldwide the 180th since November 20th, 2018, according to  TDoR Trans Lives

R.I.P Brooklyn Lindsey



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