Brighiit Mirón, 15 year old trans girl executed in Guatemala

Brighiit Mirón
Brighiit Mirón
Brighiit Mirón / photo

Brighiit Mirón, a 15-year-old transgender teenager, was killed on November 9, 2019, with a bullet in the head in the Chipilapa neighborhood, in La Gomera, a municipality in the department of Escuintla in central-southern Guatemala, 47 kilometers from the city.

Brighiit had been last seen at the fair in the town center. Around eleven o’clock at night, the neighbors heard gunfire from behind the local church and alerted the Volunteer Firefighters of company 60 at La Gomera. Upon arrival, firefighters found her body lifeless.

It tears me apart to report Brighiit Mirón, our most lovely, was buried later in the General Cemetery # 2 of La Gomera, Escuintla.

A friend of Brighiit, who asked not to be identified, told Presentes that both were threatened. As soon as he heard the news, he decided to flee the area for fear of having the same fate. Another person who met her told this media that Brighiit lived with her mother and five younger siblings for whom she was responsible. He added that she was a charismatic, kind, affectionate person, who was engaged in sex work although her dream was to be a professional makeup artist.

“From the Office of the Human Rights Prosecutor, we condemn and lament the violent death of a transgender teenager in La Gomera, Escuintla, last weekend. It was already requested that an investigation be initiated from the Departmental Auxiliary of Escuintla to follow up jointly with the Public Ministry to the investigation, it is always known that there have been no apprehensions to date, ”they said. At the close of this note, the Ombudsman for Sexual Diversity has not reported progress in this case, as reported to Presentes.

During the year, the Observatory of violent deaths of the National Diversity Network has registered 16 homicides with aggravating hate crimes.

In the report “Enough of trans genocide” by RedLactrans and Otrans in 2018, it indicates that 90% of the victims are Guatemalan trans women. The other 10% of the victims were trans women from other countries in the northern triangle of Central America, for whom the passage through the country has not been a guarantee of an improvement in their quality of life or of their protection.

On Nov. 20, 2019, our TDoR, Trump began sending all LGBTQI refugees from El Salvador and Honduras to Guatemala regardless of their birth country and without seeing a lawyer first. This is by design. Guatemala will become the LGBT killing groud evangelicals like Pence dream of if the proposed law 5272 gets one more reading in Congress.

Until 2018, according to the report, the age group of vulnerable trans women was 18 to 30 years old: 59% of the population of most vulnerable trans women are young. The descriptive report “Baseline LGBTI” , of the Human Rights Ombudsman, indicates that the State of Guatemala does not have records on violations of the rights of LGBTI persons, so that a first approach to their human rights situation can be made from the complaints that said population has presented.

R.I.P. Brighiit Mirón


The Trump Administration Will Deport People Seeking Asylum In The US To Guatemala Without Them Seeing A Lawyer First : Buzz Feed News

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  1. The murder happened on November 9.

    The paragraph below the headline mentions President Trump creating a policy on the 20th, 11 days after Brighiit’s death as if he had anything to do with this terrible murder.

    Can you tell the story without having to take a cheap shot at the President?


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