Brianna Hill’s family Demands Justice For KCPD Beating

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The LGBTQI community joins with Brianna Hill’s family in solidarity outraged that this beautiful woman suffered so during an attack last year by two Kansas City police officers.

We are outraged that Kansas City police refused to cooperate with prosecutors until the Grand Jury forced them to. And we are outraged over the injustice of the measly misdemeanor charges brought against these two thugs.

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Recently released images of Brianna Hill show boot prints, pavement markings, and stitches where KC police brutalized her as she lay helplessly handcuffed on her stomach.

“We miss Brianna, we really do,” said Rena Childs, Hill’s aunt.

They still are grieving the loss of Hill, a transgender woman, after her death in an October 2019 shooting. On Saturday, they reflected on another incident months prior that was captured on video.

On May 24, 2019, Kansas City, Missouri, officers responded to a disturbance outside a beauty supply store when they beat Hill.

Brianna Hill

Brianna Hill

On Friday, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced charges against two white KCPD Officers Matthew Brummet and Charles Prichard after a grand jury hearing. Hill’s family said justice was not entirely served.

“No, they shouldn’t have gotten a misdemeanor,” Childs said. “It should have been a felony. It should have been aggravated assault. You don’t treat a human being like that.”

The community couldn’t be more in agreement with Brianna’s family.  #JusticeForBrianna

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