Brazilian transgender women, Gull shot three times to the face

When I look at the map of Brazil, I find myself recognizing the towns for the murders that were committed in each.

brazil murder 10 5 2014

Gull dead with three gun shots to her face.

Upon seeing this horrific image I thought of Susan Moore’s sexist transphobic “body like a Brazilian transsexual paragraph published by the Guardian last year. So I decided to include this it in hopes that in the future people will remember we are human.

Rio Largo – AL, Brazil: On Wednesday a transgender woman by the name of Gull, 35 was shot three times to the face on Rua São Miguel High in Forest Roll. No one has come forward to this point even though its a public road.
Globally, Brazil has the most transgender murders mourned at the TDOR. Last year there were 238 trans murders with the majority in Brazil (95).


The Civil Police should investigate the motivations and authorship of the murder of Joseph Wilton transvestite dos Santos, known as Gull, 35, dead on the evening of Wednesday, day 1, with three shots to the face, in Rio Largo.
Although the crime was committed on public streets, Rua São Miguel High in Forest Roll, locals were unable to pass on information leading to the crime. Witnesses report that only they knew more than one person would have participated in the crime.
Agents of the civil police, experts from the Institute of Criminology and Forensic Institute staff (IML) were deployed to the appropriate procedures.

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