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Attack on Brazilian Transgender Woman Natylla Mota Demands a Response

Natylla Mota

The attack on a Brazilian trans Woman Natylla Mota widely shared on social has left even the most hardened LGBT heart in shock. The gruesome violent attack recorded by multiple bystanders left no doubt as to the perpetrator’s identities, yet advocates in this northeast state doubt that there will be justice if action isn’t taken.

On Friday, October 14th, transgender woman Nátylla Mota, 21, was attacked in the city square where she was stabbed and beaten. Eventually, she was able to break free and crawled towards a nearby hospital. When security saw her they attempted to close the gates but were unable to do so before she crawled inside.

Transgender advocate Daniela Andrade recounted the incident on Facebook:

“According to the victim and witnesses, the safety of the local hospital refused to provide help, even though she was close to there, tried to lock the gate while she crawled out toward the hospital, still being assaulted. The images (of the video) show the violence continue even with the victim inside the hospital. They all watched passively the atrocity, including the military police of Bahia, which according to the victim’s husband, stopped him from providing help threatening and intimidating him.”
“The Military Police besides not arresingt the attackers, contributed to that violence to continue and told the aggressor not to leave “because some relative of nathalia could be waiting on the outside” (can you believe it???)”

Mota was denied help inside a hospital of the city of Maiquinique, Bahia interior. The case was recorded and the video generated outrage on the Internet.  

Rescued by friends and relatives, she was taken to the city’s municipal hospital, where Nátylla was physically and verbally assaulted while inside the health unit.

According to the deputy in charge of the case, Irineu Alves Andrade, Nátylla, while accompanied by her companion, got involved in a fight after being harassed for being transsexual at a party at the Plaza William Valadão. Natylla Mota became separated from her companions and started home when she was approached by four persons who stabbed her seven times.

Deputy Andrade, on the morning of Friday, October 14th, went to the Cristo Redentor Hospital, in Itapetinga, Southwest of Bahia, where Nátyla Mota was hospitalized. The delegate gathered information to start the investigations.

“There was an unreasonable delay in providing relief and the hospital porter should not have let the aggression happen”, explained the deputy.

Natylla Mota was released from the Hospital Cristo Redentor on the afternoon of Monday 17th.

The President of the LGBT movement, Luciano, was interviewed in the Programa Chicote do Povo program of Radio Jornal de Itapetinga where he repudiated the aggression and gave details of the case, adding that all measures are being taken.

Also according to Luciano, the LGBT group plans a demonstration in the coming days along with Vitória da Conquista LGBT group.

Trigger Warning Extreme Violence

According to Segundo polícia, only three of the four assailants were identified. “We are working to identify the fourth suspect. All four people actively participated in the aggression”.

 On her FB profile, Natylla Mota asks for justice: “God, thank you for life. Thank you for taking me from death. Publicize the case for these marginals have what they deserve.”

You can take action by signing the Petition to the right demanding the Brazilian Gov stop the slaughter of trans people.


Eduarda Alice Santos
Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


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