Brazilian Trans Woman Stoned To Death Early This Morning

Rayka França

Rayka França / FaceBook

Rayka França, 26 was stoned to death in Querência, Mato Grosso, in the early morning of 4 Apr 2020. Police were called by neighbors who had heard her screams. They then located her by following the sounds of her rasping breath at 01:30 am. Rayka França’s face was severely mangled, bloody stones all around her, yet she held on to life.

The residents of Querência who reported the crime saw a tall man with a cap and a black backpack walking alone. according to olivre com.

They went to the place where the noise had come from and, with the light of their cell phone, they could see, through the undergrowth, a person breathing hard.

A Military Police team went to the scene and the residents said they did not see the crime, but heard it, and took the police to the victim.

She was transported to the hospital where she died of cardiac arrest.

Rayka França’s hometown was Luciára. She Lived in São Félix do Araguaia and was in an open relationship according to her FaceBook profile.

Her last Facebook post made yesterday simply said, ‘God’, in despair, to which friends responded to with encouragement. R.I.P Rayka França

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