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Brazilian trans woman shot to death

Malu W.F.da Silva

A Brazilian trans woman known as Malu W.F.da Silva, a sex worker, was found dead with 9 shot wounds on her body on February 11th. Apparently she was in her mid-thirties.

Her body was found laying face down in the middle of a pool of blood, surrounded by her belongings scattered all over the ground.

The crime occurred in the Josefina Liberato street, on the Luzardo Viana neighbourhood in the city of Maracanú, in the Ceará region of Fortaleza, Brazil.

The crime was first denounced on Facebook but so far the only news report  found was a video very few details.

Apparently, according to her brother, who talked to other trans women who knew her, she was threatened by two young men with whom she had sex with and by a client who had stabbed and robbed another trans woman in the region last year.

Trigger Warning.

News reporters misgender her, calling her a “man”, a “homosexual” and always referring to her disrespectfully as male.

H/T homofobiamata.wordpress.com/

TRAVESTI ASSASSINADA NA CIDADE DE MARACANAÚ, CEARÁ. https://homofobiamata.wordpress.com/2016/02/11/malu-tiros-ce-maracanau/COM 600 MORTES EM CINCO ANOS DE GOVERNO DILMA, BRASIL É O QUE MAIS MATA TRAVESTIS E TRANSEXUAIS NO MUNDO.https://homofobiamata.wordpress.com/noticiario-2/noticiario/17913-2/

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