Brazilian Trans woman beaten to death on the street in the Capital City

"They destroyed her dreams", says sister of trans woman dead in Manaus.

Andresa Santos
Andresa Santos / photo Em Tempo

Transgender woman Andresa Santos was beaten to death Saturday morning April 24, in the capital city of Manaus Brazil. Police responding to a call found Andresa Santos’s body abandoned in the middle of a street with signs of extreme trauma.

The young woman was identified by her family as Andresa Santos. She was found by first responders in Rua 10 de Julho, in the capitol center, around 1 am. Emergency medical personal pronounced her dead at the scene.

the victim’s brother-in-law said that she lived with her sister and liked to go out on weekends, but this time she had not returned, which caused her family members great consternation.

“She got ready to go out Friday night, but she didn’t say where, she just said that she was going out. It was when this morning we received her video at the center via WhatsApp and came to see if it was her,” said her brother-in-law.

“She went out that night to have fun. She said ‘I’m going there’, but she didn’t come back. Then we found out that she had been murdered. They ended my sister’s story. They destroyed her dreams,” reports the victim’s sister, Evalcilene Santos, in an interview with Em Tempo, which originally reported on this.

The family was at home this Saturday morning when one of Andresa’s colleagues sent a video via WhatsApp of a homicide in downtown Manaus, fearing that it was Evalcilene’s sister. Her sister’s worse fears were confirmed when relatives of the victim went to the Legal Medical Institute (IML) to identify her body.

When she thinks of her sister, all Evalcilene can say is how dreamy the young woman was. Andresa lived in Maués (s municipality 259 km from Manaus), but moved to the capital in November 2020, to find a place without prejudice.

Read the whole story in Portuguese by EN TEMPO

Trans women of the Amazon are world-renowned for their beauty. They are also being slaughtered by the hundreds. You can help bring attention to this crisis by signing our petition Brazil Stop The Slaughter of Trans People.


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You are loved dearly.
Rest in Power Andresa Santos

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