Brazilian trans woman was attacked by… 20 cis gay men, apparently.

Melissa Hudson
Rua Augusta
Rua Augusta, São Paulo, Brasil

Melissa Hudson

Yesterday we wrote about trans woman Melissa Hudson being attacked by 20 men destroying her FFS in São Paulo, Brazil. Since then many reports have appeared both on mainstream media and social networks regarding this attack. But Recently Melissa gave an interview to Neto Lucon, one of the leading Brazilian bloggers and new facts have surfaced.

The attack happened on one of the best-known streets in São Paulo, Augusta street, an LGBTQ-friendly street. As we said, the attack was denounced in several media news and social networks.

But what no one paid attention at the time is that the aggression came unfortunately from … cis gay men cis!

To NLUCON she said that, while she couldn’t identify the attackers, she could clearly see that the perpetrators were cis gay men. “They were gay, yes, and I say that the attack was motivated by transphobia because I was called “disgusting traveco” while being beaten,” she said. “What surprises me most is that all came from lgbt people, not straights nor skinheads.”

 Neto Lucon writes “As Melissa said to me: “I’m getting better, everything is going as far as possible”, I witnessed several people share the news, correctly talk evil of the police, (talk of) known transphobia in politics. But I did not see anyone talking specifically about this subject: transphobia and prejudice against transvestites, transsexuals and trans men in the gay cis universe. And about the disunity that plagues us daily.

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