Brazilian Trans Musicians on the Cutting edge of Culture

Brazilian Trans Musicians


On the heels of the recent court ruling legitimizing the immoral practice of religious conversion of LGBT people and the seemingly endless news of Brazilian trans murders, one has to wonder. Is there a correlation between the brilliance of the Brazilian cutting edge trans culture and the murderous pushback?

Red Trans, reports that the increasingly evangelical country has suffered 22 transgender murders this year. That tracks with the US with the increased prevalence of radical right-wing religious political demagogs resulting in the record murders of 2016 and 21 known murders this year.

The only way to combat this increase in violence is visibility and media exposure, Not just to the resulting murders but to those who are here now making the difference with their very lives.

And these Brazilian trans and gender non-conforming artists are doing just that, They aren’t just talented, they are highly visible and outspoken about their commitment to transgender rights.

Priscila Nogueira / Facebook

“Even if it’s the last thing I do, I’ll win respect.”

Dee-Jay Priscila Nogueira, 28 from Rio de Janeiro known as Mulher Pepita, or “Pepita Woman,” by fans is noted for her transgender advocacy and Brazilian electro-funk with strong sexual lyrics.

“I’m no diva, but I’m a militant,” Nogueira said at a club in central Rio. “I think people are starting to break through the barriers of prejudice.”

DJ Priscila Nogueira is back at her main musical style, Tribal House. She currently participates in several festivals in the region. This year for the first time DJ Priscila Nogueira played in the LGBT Parade of São José do Rio Preto.

DJ Priscila Nogueira trás como seu principal estilo musical o Tribal House, fui residente da boate Disco Club, participo atualmente de diversas festas da nossa região. Esse ano pela primeira vez estive tocando na Parada LGBT de São José do Rio Preto.

Raquel Virginia and Assucena

Raquel Virginia, 28, from Sao Paulo, and Assucena, 29, from the north–east of Brazil, recorded an album together called “Bixa,” adding an “x” into the usual spelling of the word for “queer” to reference the symbol for neutral gender.

They met seven years ago while at university and decided to make music. “We’re putting a new spin on Brazilian pop music, giving it the perspective of two transgender women,” Assucena told The Daily Sun.

MC Linn da Quebrada


MC Linn da Quebrada wrote on Instagram “Making my aesthetics a radical experimentation is very proud to be recognized as a trans artist. My soul works I work with the locks.”

She does indeed do exactly what she says she says. Linn da Quebrada Instagram is a rich composition mind challenging images and thought-provoking music. There can be no denying that this transgender woman is at the very cutting edge of our culture.

✨???blasFêmea ?✨ Link na beau, bio ASSISTA, mona ⚡️

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