Brazilian police beat a trans woman so badly she’s no longer recognizable #SomostodosVerônica

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Transgender woman and model Veronica Bolina was beaten by police in the District of Bom Retiro in São Paulo Brazil, Police then shaved all of her hair off, handcuffed her, stripped her and made her pose for photographers.

The twitter hashtag #SomostodosVerônica translates to “We are all Veronica”. Indeed. Somos todos Verônica

The images of Bolina have caused more outrage as they emerge with new information. She was arrested after being involved in a fight with a neighbor last Sunday and made headlines for having ripped off part of the ear of a jailer with a bite.

She was then beaten by police and sent to a hospital where she beaten again by police. When these horrific pictures began showing up on social media police tried damage control by publishing audio of her saying she was justifiable ‘constrained’.

But Bolina was so badly beaten she couldn’t remember what she was told to say. A female voice could be heard in the background coaching her and correcting her when she couldn’t remember how to pronounce some words, like ‘torture.’

On Friday she told the press that she was told if she recorded those audios the beatings and humiliation would end.

She said the recording is not true of the facts. When we asked why would record the audio, she said she promised to help her with a decrease of shame,” says Luciana Frugiuele, prosecutor of the Special Group promoters of External Control of Police Activity (GECEP)

The local news accounts all say that she was beaten after a jailer saw her masturbating in a cell full of men.

A Member of Parliment is investigating the attack now that it is known that the São Paulo chief of police and jailers were present when she talked to the public defender.

Police say nothing “unusual” happened. They are right. This is the way Brazilian police treat transgender woman.

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“Despite the situation, coupled with the fact that the model has been exposed in the photos – which appears unrecognizable, with the severely disfigured face, shaved hair and breasts on display – Heloisa Alves coordinator said that there was no irregularity in the treatment of Veronica and asks that “truth is restored.”

The criminal lawyer Pedro Munhoz, however, says otherwise. “The possibility of abuse of power and torture can not be definitively ruled out on the basis of an audio. The police response must be moderate and timely. Injuries on Veronica’s face appear to be a result. It should be subject to expertise “he says.

Munhoz explains that the attacks on the model, the scraping of her hair and forced nudity constitute violations of constitutional rights and violate rules and objective guidelines of the prison system of the state of São Paulo, since the SAP 11 resolution, DE 30/01 / 2014 provides that transvestites and transsexuals women have the right to keep hair at shoulder height and the wear women’s underwear, out of respect for their gender identity and the principle of dignity. “The constitutional right to own image and dignity, it is worth remembering, embraces all Brazilian citizens, arrested or not. The degrading way she was exposed a clear violation, “he points out.

Thanks to Lexi Cannes for bringing this story to us.

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