Brazil: Two More Trans Women Murdered


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A trans woman of about 30 years old was found dead at the intersection of streets Sete Lagoas and Egeu in the Cohab II neighbourhood in the Carapicuiba region. reports “The victim, although male, wore women’s clothing – short jeans, black wig, pink bra, earrings and bracelets – and had no papers and has not yet been identified.” (Note they call her a transvestite carefully misgendering her by saying “although male”)

According to police, units of the 33ºBPM were dispatched by the Copom (Military Police Operations Center) to check on an occurrence of a shot victim. Once arrived at the scene, officers found the fallen trans woman on the side of the road, lifeless.

Experts from the IC (Institute of Criminology) were on site and found that the victim had two wounds caused by firearms shooting in the left armpit area. Moreover, she had bleeding in her mouth.

On-site no firearm projectiles were found. No witnesses exist. The case was registered by police as a murder. Authorities are waiting for the outcome of the digital tests to be able to identify the victim. In addition, researchers seek security camera images that might have recorded the crime. So far no suspects have been arrested.

Brazil: Two More Trans Women Murdered

On another incident, M.Geremias, 37, a massage therapist trans woman was fatally stabbed last Friday night (12) in the São Marcos neighbourhood, in Valinhos.

The perpetrator fled the scene after the stabbing and abandoned the kitchen knife  about 200 meters away from the scene.

A witness told that he greeted Geremias around 23h, and then heard a discussion. When he went to see what was happening, he found the woman lying on the floor and a young man on the run. The suspect was described as a light brown young man, with short hair and wore shorts.

When police arrived, the victim’s body was already covered with a sheet. Police then found 9 tubes of cocaine with the victim. The case was registered as a simple murder.

Although police found cocaine with the body, police believe it may be a crime of passion, as the victim has recently ended a relationship.

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