Brazil: Three Trans women attacked


A hairdresser trans woman, who preferred not to be identified, is claiming she was beaten inside a BRT bus (Bus Rapid Transit, a bus-based mass transit system), on the west side of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro BrazilAccording to her statement, a group of 15 persons robbed the passengers on the bus, but besides being robbed, she was beaten. She claims that being trans was the condition that made her suffer more than the other passengers.

—They could have killed me in there. I wasn’t even supposed to be here, what they did with me was to kill. They didn’t do to rob, they really did to kill.

The victim survived with seven stitches on her head and four more on the forehead, along with injuries all over her body. Other passengers had their wallets and cell phones stolen but were not beaten. She stated that the beaten started when she told she didn’t have the objects requested by the burglars.

— They said I had to leave the bus, asked for a cell phone and I said I didn’t have one, then they started to beat me inside the bus. They picked a piece of the seat and beat me. They beat me in the head and forced me out (of the bus).

Beaten, she was forced to leave the bus at a bus stop (Novo Leblon) when she pretended to go to the terminal station (Terminal Alvorada). She asked for help from a BRT employee but was denied assistance. She was finally helped by an employee of a gas station nearby who called made the call.

She was then taken to Lourenço Jorge hospital, in the Barra da Tijuca area where she claims she was not well treated. Although the trauma of the beating and the injures, she was released without having any exams done.

When trying to file a complaint on the Santa Cruz police station, she considers to have been mistreated when the agents recommended she should file an online complaint, so far unattended.

— I didn’t made corpus delicti, i only have photos. Nor the police nor the BRT, no one contacted me.

In a press release, the BRT states that will look at images from the station’s security cameras to understand what happened. But they say it will be difficult not knowing the exact time of the attack, claiming also that their employees weren’t notified of it and consequently didn’t register this case.


Tejipió, Recife Brazil An army soldier was arrested this Wednesday (27) for robbing a trans woman, on the Tejipió, Recife west zone. According to police, the 20 years old soldier, who had his name withheld, together with another suspect, followed the trans woman and stole her purse. Fortunately, a police unit was passing by when this crime occurred and arrested the soldier. The other suspect was not captured and fled the scene.

The motorcycle used by the two men and the victim’s purse were seized. In a statement, the suspect denied the robbery and that he was just giving a ride to a friend. He was charged for robbery.


Rescuers from the SIATE (Serviço Integrado de Atendimento ao Trauma em Emergência – fire department ambulance units) were just in time to prevent a trans woman from severely stabbing another one, in the afternoon of the 27th April, in the Rebouças neighborhood. Even so, the victim was stabbed in the arm, the aggressor claiming she was defending herself from a robbery attempt.

Rebouças BrazilThe ambulance was passing Conselheiro Laurindo street around 16h30m when one of the trans women asked for help. According to corporal Cordeiro, the rescuers stopped the vehicule to help, but one of the trans women had already struck 3 stabbs against the other, one hitting her in the arm.

The rescuers were able to take the knife from the woman and prevented the situation from getting worse. The victim was helped in the ambulance and refused to be taken to a hospital. Both refused to go to the police station and were released.

This last case is a good reflex of the Brazilian situation. Trans murders are so common that most of the T women have (mostly) knives for defensive use. When in an argument with someone, the temptation to use them can be overwhelming. The worse is that this kind of violence is transversal to the whole society, with murders every single day, in a country where the value of a life is very cheap.


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