Brazil: the slaughter continues


The four latest known murders in Brazil.

A trans woman identified as ketelen C. Alves, 23, was shot twice in the early hours of Saturday (23) in a sex work location next to the Ministry of Finances (Sefaz) headquarters in the south-central zone of Manaus.

Ketelen was waiting for clients in her place, Franco de Sá Street, São Francisco neighbourhood, with at least two other trans sex workers nearby when, around 2:30 am Saturday, a man inside a black car model Fox (Ford?), stopped to ask the two other transwoman for prices.

Then the man, who was not identified, and who had a tattoo on one arm, stopped the car near Ketelen and talked with her. After talking to Ketelen for a few moments and without getting off the vehicle, the man fired two shots into the victim’s abdomen.

Police suspects that the man was looking specifically for Ketelen and stopped to talk to the other two transwomen only to see their faces.

The women who were near Ketelen told police that she  still waited for about 30 minutes before the Mobile Emergency Service (SAMU) arrived and died at the scene.

The two police officers  who arrived at the scene were still able to talk to Ketelen.

After the murder, the other transwomen went back to work.

Police are viewing CCTV video from the area hoping to discover who committed the crime.

As far as we know, there weren’t any relatives or friends at the crime scene to claim her or at the Medical Legal Institute (IML).

Source: D24m Travesti morre baleada com dois tiros em ponto de prostituição ao lado da Sefaz

Another transwoman who was also in the sex trade was murdered by several unidentified individuals. The crime occurred on the night of Saturday 23, in the Pauzanes Sector .

According to the Police, Bruna Sousa A. C. de Menezes, 23, was working on Avenida Pauzanes de Carvalho, in Rio Verde-Go, when she was approached by several young people. They then took her to a dark place where she was stabbed several times. According to comments from friends on social networks, the perpetrators were 5 young men.

Bruna fell to the ground and was found later by other transwomen who also work in the area. She was helped by the emergency services (SAMU) but didn’t survive.

So far no suspects have been identified.

Several transwomen told the press that the murder of Bruna may  be connected with a beating which occurred last week when a 14 year old girl and a minor were brutally beaten.

Images circulating on the Internet show three transvestites using traffic cones and even pieces of wood in the beatings.

Early this year we reported a barbaric crime against a transwoman in this same area, not identified at the time but recently identified as Honey D. P. de Almeida, known as “Honey”, who ws found in an advanced state of decomposition in a ditch.

It is suspected that she was murdered due to an involvement with drugs and a previous run-in with another transwoman.

Her family, who live in Palmas, Tocantins, were in Rio Verde where the body was identified and buried.

A few days ago, the Police registered the attempted robbery on Maria Madalena Street, in the Pauzanes sector, where about 13 transwomen live.

Police were able to thwart the theft but one of the assailants was arrested.  The three others thugs managed to escape by jumping walls as soon as the police arrived at the scene.

According to residents, the four armed bandits reportedly raided the home and demanded money.

In 2015, a transwoman damaged a car and physically assaulted a man, accusing him of not paying for a sexual work. The whole discussion the and aggression were captured by witnesses on film and the video was widely publicized on social networks.

Source: PatrulhaRV>

Another trans woman (transvestite as media insists) was killed on Sunday evening (24) at the Garden Paradise neighborhood of Rio Preto. 

According to Police, Dani R. M. S. Pereira, 20, was picked up by the rescue unit of the Fire Department, after being hit in the chest by a gun shot. The victim was taken to the North Emergency Unit (UPA), but was dead on arrival.

The body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Institute (IML) where it will undergo autopsy examinations and then released to family members.

According to the delegate of the General Investigations Bureau (DIG – Delegacia de Investigações Gerais) Alceu Lima de Oliveira Junior,  there is already a suspect in the crime.

“We can not disclose much information so as to not disrupt the investigation progress, but we have a suspect,” said  Oliveira. The victim was in the city for less than ten days. 

In the police report, witnesses told the investigating officers the young woman was a transgender sex worker who usually worked at the corner of Domingos Falavina Avenue and Paschoal de Crescenzo street. They said that they had noticed a silver vehicle near her moments before the crime.


News of the fourth victim news was found on social media (FB) and states that Michely Fernandes, 30, a sex worker trans woman was shot to death on the 26th January.

She lived for some time somewhere in Europe. According to comments from other trans women who apparently knew her, and was a drug user who sometimes stole her clients.

No police report have been found on this murder nor anything in the media, so no more information is available at this time.



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