Brazilian NGO Reports: one LGBT Murder every 27 hours

transgender children sex workers
transgender children sex workers
Photos Of Brazilian Sex Workers. Buzz Feed

Although transphobia wasn’t mentioned in the report, of the LGBT Brazilians murdered during 2015, 21% were transgender children sex workers, the youngest being 13. 

The GGB (Grupo Gay da Bahia) recently published its report Assassinato de Homossexuais no Brasil (Brazil Homossxual (LGBT) Murders) relative to 2015.

According to this NGO, from a total of 318 murders in 2015, 37% were transgender (reported as transvestites in media), 52% homosexuals, 16% Lesbians, 10% Bisexual, 7% Heterosexuals mistaken for homosexuals and 1% Heterosexuals companions of trans persons (transvestite lovers/T lovers).

The 318 murders represent an increase compared to 2013 (312), and a decline compared to 2014 (326).

Proportionally, the trans population (transvestites and transsexuals) are the most victimized: the risk of a trans person being murdered is 14 times that of a homosexual and, the 119 trans (transvestites) brazilian murders in 2015 compared with the United States (21 murders), brazilians are 9 times more likely to be murdered. According to the site transrespect versus transphobia, more than half of the world’s homicides of trans people occur in Brazil.

Note: I found out a while ago a government Indian report where I read that the number of trans deaths in India was a number equivalent to the Brazilian one. However, due to having completely lost track of it, I can not confirm this estimate.

The deaths of persons under 29 years (58%) dominate. Children under 18 account for 21%, suggesting high vulnerability, especially in the trans sex worker community (transvestites and transsexuls sex professionals). The youngest victim was Michael, 13, brown, Rio from Claro, São Paulo, a pre-teen in the process of building her feminine identity, who liked to dress as a girl, found dead with 15 stab wounds.

As for the color of the victims, 55% were white and 45% black – and slightly contrary to the demographic profile of Brazil, transgenders (transsexuals and transvestites), usually coming from the poorest social strata, emphasize a little more this racial trend, with 57$ being white and 43% brown and black.

Amongst the LGBT murders, sex workers dominate (26%), followed by hairdressers (16%).

Regarding the cause of death the pattern remains the same of previous years: executions with melee weapons are most common (37%) followed by firearms (32%) and 31% of other means, including beatings, beatings, stonings and poisonings. Generally transvestites are murdered on public roads (56%), victims of firearms while homosexuals and lébians are murdered at home (36%) or in public establishments (8%).

Only in ¼ of these murders the perpetrator was identified (94 of 318) and less than 10% of the cases went to trial and the killers punished.

In January 2016 were documented 30 murders of LGBT people in just 28 days, a murder every 22 hours.

There is not a single mention of transphobia in the report, the closest mention is homotransphobia.

Fonte: Grupo Gay da Bahia/Relatório de 2015/Assassinatos de LGBT no Brasil

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  1. […] The crimes took place between 26th December 2015 until 31st of January 2016. According to the Police, five of the victims were drug users involved in prostitution.The police are refraining from calling this a ‘death squad’ because according to them the group lacked a ‘hierarchy’. Planet Trans does not make this distinction as we hold the government accountable and complicit for the transgendercide occurring in Brazil. […]


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