Brazil: 1 Murder, 1 attempted murder and hospital refuses stroke victim due to trans status

Keyti O. R. do Nascimento
Keyti O. R. do Nascimento

Today’s news from Brazil: One Murder, an attempted murder, and in our last article is about a doctor at the General Hospital Roberto Santos (HGRS) in Cabula, Salvador State of Bahia, Brazil who refused a 60-year-old stroke victim treatment after learning of her transgender status.

Keyti O. R. do Nascimento, 42, was fatally beaten at dawn (Sunday 27), when she was on the roadside of BR-010, near a fuel station in the Imperatriz area.

She was still helped by an emergency unit and taken to Hospital Municipal de Imperatriz (HMI), died as she was entering the hospital.

Her body was delivered to her family after the autopsy and her burial took place last Monday (28).


R. C. Reis
R. C. Reis

In another incident, an argument over cigarettes almost ended with one more trans woman murdered.

According to Military Police, in the dawn of Easter Sunday, in the Ji-Paraná area, R. C. Reis, 33, a sex worker trans woman, was in the corner of Brasiléia street and BR 364 (exit for Presidente Médici) when a man, known only by his nickname “Jubileu”, approached and asked for a cigarette.

The trans woman denied the request and turned her back to the man. As she did this, Jubileu pulled out a knife and stabbing her four times, twice on her back and twice in her arms, then fled the scene.

Police tried to locate and capture the man, so far unsuccessfully. The woman was taken to a hospital and thankfully her life is not in danger.


Hospital Geral Roberto Santos

Ten days earlier, Martinha, a 60-year-old trans woman, was denied help at the (Hospital Geral Roberto Santos, HGRS), when arriving at the unit in an ambulance of the Brazilian Emergency Mobile units (SAMU).

In her own words, she tells that she had a cerebrovascular incident and called the emergency unit who took her to the hospital. The doctor who was in charge, when realizing she was a trans woman  ordered her to return home as he would not attend her. Martinha then returned home and had a second episode.

The emergency unit called took her then to a different hospital (Hospital Geral Ernesto Simões Filho, HGESF) where she was finally hospitalized and where she remained until March 20th (date of the last info received so far).

These episodes are examples of the obstacles the trans community face on a daily basis, the violence and erasure from society and government. Activist and transfeminist researcher Viviane Vergueiro states that the trans community find hostility and violence when searching for health care. She points out that “the pathologizing approach on gender identities, besides being scientifically questionable, is stigmatizing and an obstacle to health access”


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Trans woman, activist, writer and translator from Portugal (that's in Europe)


  1. Snappy snap snap! i look horrendous today (you don't lovely!)and when i clocked myself at 4 o'clock my mascara was on a journey to my knees, flat hair and baaaaaags! Bleugh!! Re the yeti boots, YES i have a pair too but the spice girls & 90s chavs are preventing me from truly enjoying them!x

  2. Destiny, so sorry to hear as you put it, “I was one of those”. It’s really is disgusting to think that a DA, a person in a position of authority, can take the position they did based on gender, and to refer to you as “one of those”. Pig behaviour!

  3. It is bad I know. It is getting worse yes. this will never end. but to scream in their face will not help. this will require more of a front in the government of more qualified people. a group that can not be refuted. and this has to be shown to the world.
    now you are seeing more violence know to be committed in trans people. and some of that has for 2015 fueled by the Caitlyn Jenner Media storm. Common Media has two sides the political drive of the two Media’s in the US. and we suffered. but I always wonder about the past. those of us that died and were not reported to be transgender. my own case was reduced to simple assault from attempted murder. because as the DA put is ( I was one of those ) and for that all he got was one year.
    This has to end.

  4. Argentina is the same way, a doctor will very reluctantly help you if you’re trans and if they do make sure to humiliate you somehow in front of everybody.

    Encouraging Trans people there to use the Olympics as a media platform to shame the corrupt politicians and cops of Brazil won’t end well when the media all disappears after. They’ll be heavily persecuted for making Brazil ‘look bad’ and locals may come after them because of the higher profile. Better for foreigners to organize and do it over here than there, plus we have access to the Olympic elites and their offices they don’t.

  5. WTF is wrong with these people? Why are they so prejudice and violent against transgender people? They’re just people!

  6. The unconscionable is becoming more and more a daily experience for our Trans Community. Silence pervades as we get closer and closer to August 5th, the opening of the Rio Olympiad. Our community is seeing no outcries regarding these injustices our Brazilian Trans Sisters and Brothers are contending with. Such a contrast to the days leading up to the Sochi Winter Olympiad just two years ago, where the world denounced Putin’s reign of terror against the Russian LGBT community.

    The death toll in Brazil is staggering. Should this have happened to any other community, one can only imagine the outrage, and the calls to action against this genocidal atrocity.

    Will calls for justice for the Brazilian Trans dead reverberate before August 5th? I suspect not, and the netoworks will air the smiles and cheers within Olympic Venues, Olympic Bureaucrats will pat each other on the back with atta boys and atta girls. Those winning medals will joyously stand and glow in their moment.

    And in the meantime, the streets, sidewalks, neighborhoods surrounding the venues, The walls showing corporate sponsorship and the grounds below will flow with the blood of our Trans Murdered and Assaulted.

    And also, here at home in North America, our Trans Community will see murders, assaults on the streets as well as in the school halls, and the growing specter of Trans Crow Laws while many of our natural allies will be glued to the tube taking side bets on sport outcomes.

    So, while we pray for, and mourn our dead, light candles, and fight for the living, it is becoming increasingly clear that this is going to be our fight alone for a while. Alone until such time as just like the Aids Crisis finally had people realizing that the death from Aids not only affects the Gay Community, but the larger society as well. And when all parties come to realize that the expense TO THEM is just as great as the toll on us, will there come a ‘mass movement’ for Trans Equality and Liberation.

    It has become clear from the silence of the larger society that we have a huge struggle ahead, but not an insurmountable one. We will break out of the closets, we will, someday, be free to use any stall when we need to pee, we will, someday have our proper place as equals at the table of humanity.

    We must not return to the days when we were isolated, medically oppressed, socially shunned. Our lives and the lives of our Trans Youth and Trans Children to come are counting on us.


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