Brazil: 1 Murder, 1 attempted murder and hospital refuses stroke victim due to trans status

Keyti O. R. do Nascimento

Keyti O. R. do Nascimento

Today’s news from Brazil: One Murder, an attempted murder, and in our last article is about a doctor at the General Hospital Roberto Santos (HGRS) in Cabula, Salvador State of Bahia, Brazil who refused a 60-year-old stroke victim treatment after learning of her transgender status.

Keyti O. R. do Nascimento, 42, was fatally beaten at dawn (Sunday 27), when she was on the roadside of BR-010, near a fuel station in the Imperatriz area.

She was still helped by an emergency unit and taken to Hospital Municipal de Imperatriz (HMI), died as she was entering the hospital.

Her body was delivered to her family after the autopsy and her burial took place last Monday (28).


R. C. Reis

R. C. Reis

In another incident, an argument over cigarettes almost ended with one more trans woman murdered.

According to Military Police, in the dawn of Easter Sunday, in the Ji-Paraná area, R. C. Reis, 33, a sex worker trans woman, was in the corner of Brasiléia street and BR 364 (exit for Presidente Médici) when a man, known only by his nickname “Jubileu”, approached and asked for a cigarette.

The trans woman denied the request and turned her back to the man. As she did this, Jubileu pulled out a knife and stabbing her four times, twice on her back and twice in her arms, then fled the scene.

Police tried to locate and capture the man, so far unsuccessfully. The woman was taken to a hospital and thankfully her life is not in danger.


Hospital Geral Roberto Santos

Ten days earlier, Martinha, a 60-year-old trans woman, was denied help at the (Hospital Geral Roberto Santos, HGRS), when arriving at the unit in an ambulance of the Brazilian Emergency Mobile units (SAMU).

In her own words, she tells that she had a cerebrovascular incident and called the emergency unit who took her to the hospital. The doctor who was in charge, when realizing she was a trans woman  ordered her to return home as he would not attend her. Martinha then returned home and had a second episode.

The emergency unit called took her then to a different hospital (Hospital Geral Ernesto Simões Filho, HGESF) where she was finally hospitalized and where she remained until March 20th (date of the last info received so far).

These episodes are examples of the obstacles the trans community face on a daily basis, the violence and erasure from society and government. Activist and transfeminist researcher Viviane Vergueiro states that the trans community find hostility and violence when searching for health care. She points out that “the pathologizing approach on gender identities, besides being scientifically questionable, is stigmatizing and an obstacle to health access”


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