Brazilian Transgender woman murdered for killing malevolent father

Luz Conceição

Six more killings of trans people in Brazil, a nonstop slaughter. And these are just the murders that we know of. Not all murders are reported, and some of them are written about without a single mention that the victims were transgender. Most of the Brazilian transgender people murdered are reported as “gay” men.

 Luz ConceiçãoIn the Amapá state capital, Macapá, a trans woman was murdered Sunday 2nd in the Novo Horizonte neighborhood, Macapá north zone.

W.L.da Luz Conceição, 23, spent the day drinking in front of her house in Paulo do Espírito Santo, in the company of several people and her cousin Jonatan da Silva Conceição, 19.

When she was 16, in 2008, Luz was arrested for the murder of her own father. Her father couldn’t accept her being transgender and would often beat both Luz and her mother said Aluízio Conception, the victim’s uncle. According to relatives, her cousin was very close to his uncle. Jonatan was only 11 at the time she killed her father and was angry with Luz for the murder.

Around 19h30, an argument started between Luz and her cousin Jonatan, who after a while fatally stabbed Luz who died on the spot. The blade broke and part of it remained in her body.

“All points to revenge. The family has a history of disagreements. The victim had been arrested for her father’s murder. At the time, her cousin was very angry and they’ve kept fighting since then.” said Lieutenant Alan Miranda, of the 2nd Battalion of the Amapá Military Police.

The Military Police searched the surroundings several times but couldn’t find the suspect.

In the Paraiba state another murder took place.

A. Pessoa da SilvaA. Pessoa da Silva, 22, was a drug-addicted transgender man. He lived in Napoleão Laureano street. On Wednesday the 4th, he was returning home around 00h40 when the sound of gunshots were heard in the street. Residents called the police.

When the police arrived, they found the lifeless body of A. laying on the street. His head had shot injuries, which indicates it was an execution. Family members were at the scene and told the police (s)he had no known enemies and was a loved person by the community. They also told he was drug addicted and transgender (homosexual) and was returning home when he was executed.

There are no known motivations for the crime and police don’t even know how many people murdered him. Police also have no suspects and is investigating.


In the Amazonas state another murder took place. in the south zone of Manaus, in the Petrópolis neighborhood, on Mossoró alley, a transgender teen was murdered Tuesday 10th, hammered in the head.

W.A.Pires, 17, was transgender according to police and was using drugs with a bunch of people when an argument started. One of these persons then hit her head with a hammer.

An ambulance was called but the young girl didn’t survive and dies on the scene. Her body was then taken to the legal institute for examinations.

Police are investigating, although the suspect of the murder fled the scene without being identified.

In the Acre state another one.

Ana HickmanAna Hickman, 30, trans woman, was murdered on Sunday night, 15th, while working on the sex trade on Chico Mendes neighborhood, in the state capital Rio Branco.

According to police, Ana was on her spot located in José de Araujo Street and Angico Street when 2 shots hit her on her neck. Witnesses told 3 shots were fired and, when gone out to see what happened, they found Ana with 2 shot wounds on her neck. No one saw the perpetrator.

An emergency unit was sent but Ana was already dead. Her body went to the legal institute for exams and police started the investigations.

In Rio Preto, a trans woman who was shot dies after being hospitalized for four days.

Michele Souza de SouzaMichele Souza de Souza, a trans woman, was shot 6 times in Paraíso garden, on the north side of Rio Preto, in the state of São Paulo. Police are investigating and is considering transphobia as a crime cause.

Michele died on the afternoon of Sunday 15th, after being hospitalized for four days in the Rio Preto Hospital Base (HB) She was hit in front of a motel on Wednesday 11th, at dawn. The location is a well-known prostitution point.

According to the Military Police, two men on a motorcycle went by and fired several shots at the victim. Michele was rescued by the fire department rescue team and taken to HB. The shots, seven, hit Michele in the abdomen, arm, and leg.

The last known murder is of a young trans woman who was found dead Monday 16th in the afternoon, on Cruzeiro do Sul Av., in Genipabu, Caucaia, in the state of Ceará, by the 222 highway.


According to Police, the body had no papers, with more than 30 stab wounds, stating the hate needed to do such a thing. Most of the wounds were on the back. her head also presented wounds probably made by stones.

Locals told that the location where the body was found is mainly used by trans women to engage in sex work. As the victim was semi-nude and next to condoms, the perpetrator was presumably a client. Blood spots in the crime scene indicate that the victim tried to escape.

Another trans woman, apparently a friend of the victim, stated that the name of the murdered trans woman was Lauandersa. Police are investigating.

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