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The trailer for “Anything” starring Matt Bomer, as a ‘transgender’ female sex worker debuted this week sparking a renewed call to BoycottAnything. The adaptation of the 2007 play by the same name about a “loser” “transvestite prostitute” hasn’t made the film circuit. “Anything” has only been presented at Los Angeles Film Festival in 2017 garnering a single mention for acting.

BTW, in case you were wondering…we are not accepting with gratitude the crumbs brushed from the table of patriarchal cisnormativity at the expense of our transgender youth.

But am I being hypercritical of these cisgender men whom with I agree with on so many social issues? Perhaps, but no free passes when it comes to our youth, for which I’ll make my case.

If anything could make a statement in support of TransFace’ equivalence to blackface the forced falsetto of cisgender actor Matt Bomer’s will.

Urban Dictionary definition of Transface

When a transgender character in a movie or television show is portrayed by a non-transgender man or woman. Considered to be offensive by most transgender people, analogous to blackface portrayals of African-American people.

Did Producer Mark Ruffalo  actually do any research before the adaptation of the 2007 screenplay ‘Anything’? If they had they might have noticed an undeniable shift in societal acceptance and a preponderance of those transitioning to be authentic in every way, including our voices.

Transgender actresses may have been auditioned but were never considered. The part of the transgender actress was set before a faux casting call according to Ruffalo.


Good things are already happening by using the #BoycottAnything hashtag as one friend noticed I had done so and alerted me to this. Author Julie Kalceff, a transgender woman wrote “First Day” and was given the go ahead by ABC to cast a transgender twelve-year-old for the part.

But she was worried. How many trans youth at that specific age could there possibly be? Read her blog post AUTHENTIC CASTING MATTERS and be amazed.

First Day – Evie Macdonald Interview from Epic Films on Vimeo.

There is a unique quality only present in those who have endured the personal agony of initial self-realization, transition and the seemingly endless insurmountable barriers placed by others on our road less travel. Those hardships and the incredible rewards of self-honesty must be lived in order to bring it to the stage.

The past few years has there been an explosion of transgender actors? Nope. There has just been a couple more cast but to haters, it seems to them that they are being overrun.

Sadly “Anything” is just another obstacle left by privileged cisgender men. In my humble opinion support transgender actors and BoycottAnything

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