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Boy Meets Girl Rom-Com on BBC2 Stars Transgender Actress

BBC2 has just released a trailer for a forthcoming six episode series called Boy Meets Girl, the first British rom-com featuring a transgender actress in a leading role.

Why_I_m_excited_about_Boy_Meets_GirlThe official promotional release describes Boy Meets Girl, “Leo’s had a bad day. He’s been fired (again), is being given a hard time by his mum and, to cap it all, his blind date fails to show up. But then he bumps into Judy and finds himself deeply attracted to this surprising and beguiling woman. They bond over drinks and, unfazed by the fact that there’s a bit of an age gap between them, arrange to meet the following evening. Leo’s mother is unhappy that he’s having dinner with an older woman. But Leo doesn’t care what she thinks; he knows that he’s just met someone very special.”

Does the hilarity ensue? No, in fact the acceptance and struggle of any relationship is laid out on the table and the story is told in a respectful, fun and warm way.”

“I never had a son, I had a daughter that came out a bit wrong” says Judy’s mother in one scene making the show ground-breaking in its level of acceptance by a parent of her Trans daughter.

Executive Producer Sophie Clarke-Jervoise tells The Guardian, “We always knew we had to get a trans actress – I don’t thing we auditioned anyone who wasn’t trans for the role. It just didn’t feel right.”

“It’s been a challenge,” Sophie continues, “because we really want to get it right, and we’ve taken advice from members of the Trans community, but it’s mainly been very interesting. For the characters in our sitcom, we are picking up from the point of view of a family who has never really had anything to do with a Trans person, so they don’t know the terminology, and hopefully as they learn, it will be an educational process for the audience as well.”

The series was created and written by Elliott Kerrigan and Simon Carlyle and commissioned through a talent search called the Trans Comedy Award – a BBC talent search, through the BBC Writersroom. The search offered up and coming writers up to £5,000 for the best script that positively portrayed transgender characters.

Set in Manchester Newcastle, Boy Meets Girl is a welcome addition to BBC2 and we can only hope that sitcoms such as these will make their way state-side in the same respectful, warm yet comedic way.  Eric Schaeffer, writer and director of the film Boy Meets Girl told PlanetTransgender that he is currently shopping his own TV series based on the after life of the movie’s story-line, so we will keep you posted on any new developments.

The first episode of Boy Meets Girl will air on September 3rd at 9:30 PM on BBC2, thankfully, without a laugh-track.

Claire-Renee Kohner
My name is Claire-Renee Kohner and in January of 2014, I came out as transgender. My family fully supports my transition and, along with the Minneapolis trans community, my transition has been extremely positive. My journey should be fun, so keep your arms and legs inside the cart, it's going to be a wild ride.


  1. I’m also going through transition on hormones and had injections I’ve got a surgical review in November I can’t wait and I wish you well honey look after yourself.xx


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