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Cisgender Girl dominates boys to win NC State Wrestling Championship

Heaven Fitch

Heaven Fitch became the first female to win a North Carolina High School Athletic Association (NCHSA) Wrestling Individual State Championship on Saturday, February 20, 2020. To see her win is a celebration of the spirit of the underdog.

Heaven Fitch would have been robbed of that championship had any of the 13 anti-trans Sports Bills being considered across the country been enacted in North Carolina at that moment. The Republicans who are handed these boilerplate bills crafted by hate groups have a tight rope to walk when they fine-tune them.

They can’t specifically exclude transgender girls so it has to be a wider swath of humanity. Most of the anti-trans sports bills limit the participation of all student-athletes, boys, and girls alike to the sex that is indicated on their original birth certificates.

Heaven Fitch would not have had her glorious victory had she lived in MONTANA, MISSISSIPPI, GEORGIA, SOUTH DAKOTA, TENNESSEE, ARIZONA, MISSOURI, NORTH DAKOTA, CONNECTICUT, UTAH, NEW HAMPSHIRE, or OKLAHOMA if the republican Governors signed any one of these bills into law.

Texas skirted the law and as a result forced Mack Beggs, a transgender boy into wrestling high school girls. I watched with joy when Mack Beggs won both of his Texas State championships, it was a delight to see. And I cried for the cisgender girls who were so cruelly robbed of their victories and the chance to go to university by Governor Gregg Abbott and his Republican majority.

As much as I love watching Heaven’s Victory I wish that Mack Beggs had been cheered as she was.

My coach on our final day of High school as a final test paired each of us up against the opponent of his choice. My wrestling opponent was a muscled friend built almost exactly like Mack Beggs. Ordinarily, I didn’t stand a chance against him and he knew it. I was but a skinny girl, but I knew in my heart I had to give my very best shot.

When I slipped out of his grasp something like Heaven did, but nowhere nearly as gracefully, the referee called the match on points for me.

I understand how she felt at that moment. It was like my first A+ in English in my senior year. later in my life when I began running marathons I knew if set my mind to it, I had a chance of finishing and possibly if I trained hard enough to place in the top three. I have never won a marathon, but that does not matter to me. I love the challenge and being amongst those beautiful souls who know they have a chance, just like me.

I implore these republican politicians not to destroy the spirit and hopes and dreams of cisgender and trans athletes nationally. Let us compete and be all that we can be.

Alpacas, Unicorns and 9MM Glocks Home on the range

Tenacious Unicorn Ranch

The Tenacious Unicorn Ranch in the luminous shadows of the Wet Mountains and Sangre de Cristos is home to a hundred or so Alpaca’s and the transgender community that cares for them. It is an unusual situation so far from humanity. Even so, having weapons to protect themselves seems unusual to the reporter from CBS 9 News.

Tenacious Unicorn Ranch is spinning quite a Yarn for all of trans kind.

A transgender person isn’t normally associated with weapons.

In early February, a deputy showed up to the Tenacious Unicorn Ranch to investigate an anonymous tip that they were abusing their alpaca.

“We get harassed pretty regularly,” Logue said.

The complaint was unfounded and Byerly said he wouldn’t be surprised if someone called trying to make their lives more difficult because of a High Country News article that “left a poor taste in most of the county’s mouth.”

“That’s not how you make friends,” said Byerly over the phone, referencing the article’s discussion about growing fascism in Custer County.

Although the unicorns feel there are fascist people within the county, they call the general community “amazing.”

“We have met people that it would blow your mind how kind,” said Logue. “I’m tearing up, just amazing people that’s all.”

The same goes for many of us in the transgender community across the country. We have seen the rise of fascism in our own communities. Many, like myself, have critters, live alone, and carry a sidearm much like the ones Unicorns from Colorado carry.

Tennessee Transgender Sports Bill Advances to The House


The Tennessee Senate passed a bill last night which would force transgender students to play on the team according to the sex of their original birth certificate. On Monday evening, Senators voted 27-6 to pass SB 228. The Bill now goes to the House for a vote.

CEO of the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce Joe Woolley said while this bill is directed at student-athletes, he feels a bill like this passing could mean drastic hits to our tourism and businesses wanting to do work in Tennessee.

“We’re looking at events like the Super Bowl, we’re looking at the World Cup in 2026, we all love our NCAA basketball tournaments, all three of those organizations that run those events have said they will seriously consider not bringing their events to locations that have discriminatory laws on the books,” Wooley said.

The Tennessee Democratic Party LGBTQ Caucus, Tennessee Young Democrats LGBTQ Caucus, Tennessee College Democrats, and Tennessee High School Democrats issued a joint statement Wednesday.

They say the bill discriminates against transgender students and is part of “a nationally-coordinated attack on our youth and only serves to add to the culture wars and division politics…”

Read the full statement below via News channel 5.

“Today, the Tennessee Legislature’s education committees sent a bill to the floor that would discriminate against Tennessee transgender students wishing to participate in school sports. While the TSSAA stated that no transgender students in the state of Tennessee have ever attempted to compete in a high school sport, the state of Tennessee is breaking federal Title Nine laws that already allow transgender students to play sports – putting billions in education funding at risk.

This bill is a nationally coordinated attack on our youth and only serves to add to the culture wars and division politics that don’t serve Tennesseans. The extremist right-wing politicians backing this bill want to waste taxpayer money that could be going to support teachers and schools to rather litigate an issue that does not exist. The real detriment of this legislation is the damage it will do to the population who are being attacked by it. The transgender community in Tennessee deserves better from the Legislature that is tasked to serve them.

It is also worth noting that this will have unintended consequences. A rule in Texas only allowing transgender students to compete in the league for their assigned sex led to a young trans man being forced to compete in wrestling competitions against females.

Mack Beggs won the state title twice and a scholarship. Also, a young woman in Connecticut who filed a lawsuit to ban two trans athletes from girls’ track and field lost her case, but beat the transgender athletes she was competing against.

State Government has other pressing matters to focus on. Covid relief and getting students safely back to school should be the top priority right now, not issues they conjure up to distract from their failures to lead during a crisis. We stand with the Tennesee Equality Project and demand these politicians stop their #SlateOfHate. For more information on how to take action this week, follow @tnhsdems on Instagram and watch our social media for direct action.”

One Highschool Offensive Guard is now Playing Defense against South Dakota Legislators.

Chris Wilka, a transgender high school student started at quarterback but has since moved to offensive guard. But now he’s on the defense asking South Dakota legislators to just let him play football.

Wilka is a competitor the same as Mack Beggs. Could you imagine the reaction of Tennesse parents should this hulking young man play against their girls as Mack Beggs was forced to do?

Offensive Guard Playing Defense against SD Legislators

South Dakota Transgender


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KOTV News reports he’s been playing football for the last five years, first as a quarterback and now as a play guard. To him, it’s more than just a game.

“It is everything to me. I mean if football didn’t exist I don’t think I would be here honestly because it has saved my life, I will not lie it has,” says Wilka.

While the sport has helped Wilka thrive and create new friendships, that wasn’t always the case.

His last school wouldn’t let him play because he is transgender, they feared he would confuse the other players.

Now, Wilka’s supported not only by his new school but also by his teammates.

“About two weeks ago I told them that I was transgender because I wanted to tell them personally before anything got out and they were like ‘dude that’s so cool, that’s amazing and I was like woo, that is not expected,” says Wilka.

Now Wilka’s tackling a new opponent, the South Dakota State legislature and a bill aimed directly at transgender students.

He went on the defense in front of legislators in Pierre and the seventh-grader has a message for everyone in the Mount Rushmore State.

I’ll be me and you be you.

Trump tells CPAC “Woman’s Sports Got a lot of new records”

Trump CPAC

The orange POS was at CPAC getting a standing ovation for bashing ‘biological males’ who are competing in women’s sports. Well to be fair a lot of the people in the small crowd didn’t look too excited about standing up, but you know the herd moved so…

Trump made the inflammatory remarks Sunday during his first speech since leaving office in January, kind of out of nowhere too. He said Democratic policies were ruining women’s sports, TMZ Sports reports, and then he mused that a lot of new records were being shattered like never before, and he hated to break it to the ladies. He talked about weightlifting and how it wasn’t even challenging for some new competitors lately.

Then came the transphobic haymaker — Trump said girls and women are incensed that they’re having to compete with individuals who were biologically born as males. He added that if this wasn’t addressed, it would end women’s sports as we know it.

He then said unequivocally … “We must protect the integrity of women’s sports.” (so he can grab them by the potang later)

FTM Female Detransitioner: My story, and what I wish I knew

detransition what I wish I knew
detransition what I wish I knew

The process of gender transition is about learning about our true selves. As much as TERFs and conservatives would like you to think otherwise, there is nothing shameful or wrong about detransitioning,

This is about what is right for you, not them.

“RivalMaverick” a YouTuber with 98K following began medical transition without having any idea of what she was doing. This is why counseling is so important. I would recommend at least a year of professional counseling before beginning hormones.

Transition, A Struggle for Happiness

One enviable aspect of female to male transition is how quickly one’s voice is masculinized. But for someone who goes into the process blind, this can be tragic.

Her voice had already changed when she thought of transitioning back to presenting a woman. This was was almost too much for her to deal with. She felt alone like she was the only one who did this.

Transitioning to become comfortable with dating never works. As we know sex and gender are two things. the main reason for her detransition she said, was because she didn’t want to date women. She will likely find that her detransition didn’t help in that respect.

TERF “Detrans” a dangerous and deadly ideology

Bring a guy didn’t change her life as expected. “OMG, I might have fucked up. she thought.” She changed every aspect of life and the thought that she would have to admit that was wrong was almost too much to take.

In retrospect, she has some excellent advice for everyone who is considering medically transitioning. Take your time, think it through. Seek a counselor who won’t push you into transition and conversely one that isn’t a gatekeeper.

Four arrested for the murder of a transgender person in Mumbai

Transgender murder Mumbai
Representational: A hijra community, Mumbai, India.
Transgender murder Mumbai
Representational: A hijra community, Mumbai, India.

Three men and a minor were arrested Friday for the murder of Khwaja Sara S. Pujari in Mumbai, India. The four according to Vishal Thakur, Deputy Commissioner of Police Zone-11, tried to murder Pujari three times before killing them at 4.30 pm on Wednesday when Pujari was away from home in Malad.

No Justice for Mumbai Transgender woman gang raped by Police

The gender of the victim hasn’t yet been specified so Planet Trans will respectfully identify them either as transgender, Khwaja Sara, or with gender-neutral pronouns.

Pujari attempted to fight back, Hindustan Times reports, but one of the assailants took out a knife and slit their throat. Locals gathered after hearing screams for help, following which the accused fled the spot.

“A transgender person was brutally murdered on February 24 on the side of the road. Police personnel immediately reached the scene and took the body to the hospital. Post mortem revealed that the transgender was stabbed with a hammer or a sharp object,” Thakur told reporters.

After the murder, the four fled the city and switched off their mobile phones. Police officers investigating the case received information regarding their whereabouts, based on which the police laid a trap and nabbed them on Friday.

“They said they were Pujari’s neighbors in Prem Nagar and used to get intimidated by them every day. Pujari, who was the head of the transgender community in Malad, allegedly used to threaten them and others in the locality,” said an officer from Bangur Nagar station.

Police said they have arrested the three and sent the minor to protective custody at a children’s home.

Trans woman told she couldn’t compete in a “Natural Born” Beauty pageant

Anita Noelle Green
Anita Noelle Green third from the left. Photo court documents

Anita Noelle Green
Anita Noelle Green third from the left. Photo court documents

Anita Noelle Green of Clackamas, Oregon was told that she couldn’t compete in the Miss United States of America LLC beauty pageant because she isn’t a “natural born” woman.

Miss Green sued the Miss United States of America LLC beauty pageant in December 2019, claiming its gender identity discrimination violates Oregon’s Public Accommodations Act and infringes on her First Amendment rights to free speech and free association.

Green says the pageant denied her application and refunded her entry fees on the same day she applied.

“I was not interviewed or asked anything about my application,” Green told Court House News.

A federal judge Thursday threw out a lawsuit by a Green who accused the private pageant corporation of discrimination for denying her the right to participate in competitions.

U.S. District Judge Michael W. Mosman found that the pageant association cannot be required to allow a transgender woman to participate in light of its mission to promote “natural-born” females.

Attorney John T. Kaempf, who represented Miss United States of America LLC, praised the ruling.

“My client is not anti-transgender but it just wants to be able to hold a pageant that is only for biological females,” Kaempf told Oregon live after the ruling.

“Contrary to what people might think, my client, the pageant, is a supporter of diversity. It believes there can be a Miss Black USA pageant, a Miss Native American pageant or a transgender pageant,” Kaempf said.

Evidently, the Miss United States of America LLC beauty pageant doesn’t believe that those minorities should compete together.

Press release from Anita Green provided by her attorney Shenoa Payne

South Dakota Trans people: Black Hills Fox News is gunning for you

Black Hills Fox News

South Dakota’s Transgender community rallied at the Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls Saturday in response to an anti-transgender sports bill that is advancing in the State Legislature.

Chanting Army Cadence rifts adapted to our agenda they sang confidently believing that TV networks would report on them fairly.

At contention is House Bill 1217 (Text) which requires proof of a student’s biological sex at birth. The request by virtually anyone might be for a certified statement from your parents, a birth certificate no older than one year following the day you were born, and/or a certified medical examination of your genitalia. The bill has a provision to disqualify students from participating in intermural sports if they refuse to provide that information as demanded in a timely manner.

HB 1217 was passed by the House on February 24th and is awaiting a hearing in the Senate State Affairs.

We know it would fail in court if passed and so do they. The real purpose of this legislation is to make you feel vulnerable, to diminish and erase you. It is meant to make you feel so bad that you feel suicidal.

Black Hills Fox News
This random image was shared on the Black Hills Fox News Facebook without a link. A meme to trigger the haters.

Today at 2 pm Fox News South Dakota shared this picture on their Facebook page naming a couple of recent bills. Fox News shared it even though it wasn’t from today’s protest. Fox News shared it like a meme without a link to trigger their viewers.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/blackhillsfox/posts/10159351676262948

Many of the comments on the Fox News Facebook page are sickening. Memes of cars crashing into Target stores, photoshopped images misgendering President Biden’s cabinet pick Dr. Rachal Lavine.

I reported Fox News to Facebook who agreed that the post and comments are offensive. But according to Facebook the post and comments don’t specifically break the rules when I reported it, so there is little that they can do.

But there is something that I can do.


I am warning you that Black Hills Fox News is gunning for You.

In all of my years advocating against this same sort of thing in Texas, I have never once seen a TV outlet stoop to this vile level. IN TEXAS!

You can bet your bottom dollar that these same people are on a less visible social media platform right now saying far more hateful things.

Remember November 6th. We thought that we were all Americans.

Be aware but don’t be afraid. This our country and more now than ever Trans Rights Matter.

Virginia Legislature passes a bill banning the Trans Panic Defense

Trans Panic Defense

Trans Panic Defense


Virginia Delegate Danica Roem’s bill HB 2132 to ban the gay and trans panic legal defense passed the Senate Friday unanimously with one amendment. The Senate amended the bill to add that an invitation to have sex, or ‘hitting on someone’, as an unacceptable justification for the gay or transgender panic defense.


Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the discovery of, perception of, or belief about another person’s actual or perceived sex, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation, whether or not accurate, is not a defense to any charge of capital murder, murder in the first degree, murder in the second degree, or voluntary manslaughter and is not provocation negating or excluding malice as an element of murder.

Prior to the Senate vote, the Virginia House of Delegates passed in a partisan vote (D58 yea R42). HB 2132 now goes to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) for his signature. It is expected that Northam will sign this bill and make it law.

  • What is trans/gay panic?  And why is a law banning people from using it in defense so important?

There have been at least eight instances in Virginia where the panic defense was used, with the last case in 2011, according to Carsten Andresen, a researcher and criminal justice professor from Austin, Texas. He said he has tracked 200 homicide cases nationally where the panic defense was attempted. Andresen reached out to Roem in support of the bill.

Related: Trans woman Danica Roem Defeats Bob (Bathroom bill) Marshall in VA House of Delegates Race

His research included five murders and three assaults in Virginia between 1973 and 2011 that Andresen said used the panic defense to justify or excuse a defendant’s violent actions. Mark Hayes murdered , in 2002. Hayes claimed he “lost it” and murdered Gainer after engaging in sexual intercourse.

Colorado was the first state to enact a hate crime law that included sexual orientation and gender bias crimes in 2005.

[ai_playlist id=”37271″]

Four years later the murder of Angie Zapata, a transgender woman from Greely Co became the first trial in the country that this hate crime law would be put to test. What followed shocked and sicked us.

Allen Andrade the man charged with the murder of Zapata knew he was most likely would spend the rest of his life behind bars if convicted as charged. Andrade knew if he could somehow mitigate those charges he would only spend 10 to 15 years behind bars. Andrade didn’t know he was being recorded in a jailhouse phone call when told his roommate as much.

His defense said that he reacted in horror when he learned that Angie Zapata was transgender. He said that he was afraid for his life, despite his overwhelming physical strength, and killed her in self-defense before they had sex.

This shocked the country because, in reality, his Trans Panic defense could have worked.

In 2009 the US didn’t have a single Trans Panic law to prevent his ploy from succeeding. It was pure happenstance that Zapata and Andrade went to a public place where he couldn’t deny knowledge of her transgender history.

Autumn Sandeen was in Colorado and reported for Pam’s House blend,  that “After meeting, the two went to a traffic court hearing in Greeley in which Angie was identified in court by her previous male name and by male pronouns.

The defense team contends Andrade did not learn of Angie’s transgender status until moments before he killed her.
What came out in court, per Deputy District Attorney Brandi Lynn Nieto, was this traffic court trip took place 36-hours before Allen Ray Andrade admittedly killed her.

Currently, only 12 states including Virginia have laws banning Trans/Gay panic defenses. How unthinkable would it be if a person got away with murdering someone simply because they were cisgender and heterosexual?

It is time for a federal law prohibiting trans and gay panic defense.

Delegate Danica Roem speaks to this just prior to Friday’s vote.

Del. Roem defeated an anti-transgender republican and has since become a powerhouse for equality.

VA House passes Bill Designating Nov. 20th the TDoR